Posted by: granny1947 | March 7, 2011

Granny and the confused dog

Good Evening Everyone.

From a sweltering Cape Town.
It is twenty to ten at NIGHT and the temp is still 24 degrees.
I am a hot and sticky granny.
Irritable and prickly too!

Jasmine got a lot of exercise this evening.
We had done the full walk and were about to go to the car when I noticed I had lost the lens cap of my camera.
Granddaughter(not happily) agreed to walk back to see if she could find it.
Jasmine was beside herself.
She didn’t know whether to stay with me or go with P.
Eventually, she set off after P. stopping every now and again to check I was still sitting on the dune.
She didn’t relax until we were all together again.
We didn’t find the cover.

When we got back I was not allowed to look into the kitchen while P. prepared a surprise supper for me.
It was quite a suprise.
A meatless meal.
Baked potatoes covered in cheese and a white sauce.
Sweet carrots.
And cucumber.
I will eat elephant shyte and bus tickets.
As long as I don’t have to cook it.
It was delicious.
She loves to potter around in the kitchen.
I love her to to do it.
A win win situation all round.
I don’t know why they don’t let her do it at home.

She has now gone off to bed.
Jasmine is passed out on the carpet.
I am off for a cold shower.

Good night all.



  1. sleep well

    • Thanks Sidey…was too tired and hot to look at the scrabble…tonight.

  2. I’ll also eat anything someone else cooks. Anytime, anywhere.
    Sleep tight, Granny.

    • Hi Madmom….I had a restless night…will post about it later.

  3. Hi Granny, I do so wish you would stop reminding me how nice it is there. It’s -2ºC here now but feels like -7ºC. I don’t need summer just yet but some spring weather would be nice.

    Your dinner sounded tasty, just keep on letting her potter around in the kitchen and see what else she can come up with for you. 🙂

    • Morning Rose…Sorry,my friend, but I am NOT enjoying such hot evenings…I bet you sleep better than I do!

      • Not exactly, they can’t seem to keep the temperature regulated properly in the building.

        It goes from 22ºC to 28ºC and higher sometimes, which makes it very hot and dry in my place. Plus my bathroom window is always open for fresh air and it doesn’t seem to bring the temperature down at all. 🙂

  4. I will eat elephant shyte and bus tickets.

    That is so funny I can hardly stand it!!! LOL! I hate hate hate too cook. My husband only eats one meal a day so if he comes home and says he ate lunch I am in hog heaven!

    • Hi Linda…I SO agree with you…actually…I don’t really mind cooking but it is so nice when someone else does it.

  5. Night-night Granny!
    PS- Your dinner definitely sounded LOTS better than elephant shyte OR bus tickets! LOL

  6. Sorry Granny – the above comment is actually mine, I didn’t realize I was logged in under my daughter’s account! LOL Wish she’d use her own computer for her stuff!

    • Hi RD….ah…you have done that before!!!! I just didn’t know who it was.

  7. What a wonderful granddaughter. She’s one of those who makes all the child rearing so very worthwhile, I suspect. So sorry about the lens cover. Don’t know why they don’t make them all attached with a light cord.

    • Hi Souldipper…it was attached…I just didn’t notice when the cord came loose.

  8. We had potatoes and carrots too! With stuffing.
    Your granddaughter sounds like quite a gal. She must take after you!

    How sweet that Jasmine didn’t want to leave your side. That’s good to know if you have a surfing accident while trying to cool off. 😎

    • Morning NR…it was so funny…you could see the consternation in every hair on her body…I AM talking about the dog!

  9. They don’t let her do it at home? WHY???
    Glad you don’t ever have to eat the ellie dung and bus tickets ;p
    Love you.

    • Morning Cindy…your mails are driving me demented!!!!

  10. So why don’t they let your granddaughter loose in the kitchen at home? Sounds like she made you a nice tasty supper (much better than elephant shyte and bus tickets) 😉
    Have a good sleep.

    • Hi Barb…a long story…she gets very little positive encouragement.

  11. You do make me laugh!

    • good Supa…I am not smiling….bloody Discovery medical aid.

  12. minus 4 here when I got up. Forgive me if I don’t give you any sympathy 🙂

  13. Just confirmed my suspicion that Jasmine is a dog in a million – she has a conscience!

  14. that’s B nuisance re the lens cap! I wish someone would cook me a meal 😦 I would eat anything

    • Hi Piglet…am not too upset about the cover…it was hardly ever over the lens anyway.

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