Posted by: granny1947 | March 6, 2011

Bad Granny

Hello All.

I have missed posting for the second time.
I guess this means I lose the post a day challenge.

The show on Friday was quite good.
Well, Nick Rabinowitz was excellent.
We had some good laughs.
It was just very long.
The light was bad and the sound was worse.
Fortunately, Nick is quite loud so we could hear him.
Everybody was volunteers so I suppose one can’t complain.

There was a raffle.
With several prizes.
My DIL won a six pack of Vawter and a book on sharks.
I wasn’t envious.
I don’t drink spirits.
Though I like their ads.
And I really don’t want to know too much about sharks.
One of the prizes was a free lesson on how to stand up on your surfboard.
Or something like that.
I DIDN’T want to win it.

We got to bed after midnight and I had to be up at five thirty.
Mex had to be at the airport a seven thirty.
We are about an hour from the airport.
I discovered, when you leave at that time of the morning, it is a bit quicker, so Mex had a bit of time to kill.

Day one without Mex.
When I was ready to leave for the beach this morning I could only find one front door key and remote.
Eventually, discovered the front door was unlocked.
With the key on the outside.
Now this might be ok in America or Canada or Portugal or England or Australia.
It really shouldn’t happen in South Africa.
Mental note…check ALL doors before going to bed!

Day one with 17 year old teenager.
Her…look I can play the drum on Jasmine’s butt.
Me…there will be hair everywhere.
Her…still beating out a tune…I will vacuum tomorrow.
Me…(under my breath) Grrrrrrrrr

On the upside she DID vacuum.
And she cooked supper last night.
And she washed up.
And she picked up dogpoop.
And she took Jasmine for a walk.

On the downside I know more about her project than I ever wanted to.

Also on the upside my Grandson came around yesterday.
Cut the grass.
Without me even asking.
Have I mentioned that I love that kid?
He is one in a million.
Actually, they all are.
I miss the two sons of the daughter I am not talking to.
Good thing I have so many grandkids!

As you can see it was quite grey on the beach.
But there was no wind and it was great.
I had a nic chat to a lovely woman with a Spaniel pup.
Which had Jasmine running up and down the beach.

Now I have my DIL and two grandkids coming for supper.
The nearly 19 year old.
And his 7 year old sister.
The menu is beef stew with brown rice and cabbage.
Mild tart for pudding(Granddaughter is making this as practice for her project)
I had better start getting things prepared.

Have a lovely day or evening.
Depending on where you are.


  1. at least you had fun at the show, that’s what counts

    • Hi Sidey…Yes…a couple of good belly laughs…good for the soul!

  2. I wouldn’t want to win a lesson on how to stand up on a surfboard either Granny! I would much prefer to win the instructor 😉

    • Hehehe MTM…no thank you…that sounds too much like hard work.

  3. Hi Granny,

    I dont’ think where ever you live in the world I would leave my front door open at night unless I had razor wire on a 6ft fence and 2 rottweilers. I would not have minded winning the surfing lessons- I’ve always wanted to try that, but I’m scared of the sea.

    • Hello PIP…yes…I have great respect for the sea….too many creatures in it!

  4. I have left the keys in my door sooooooo many times. Usually it’s because I have brought groceries in and just left them in the door. It’s not something I recommend doing anywhere nowadays! I am a huge believer in locked doors. Glad you were safe.

    • Hi Linda…we ARE in a complex but it isn’t that secure…I must really be more careful!

  5. Enjoy your evening, was good talking to you.
    Love you.

    • Hello Cindy…nice to hear hubby was washing dishes!!!

  6. My belief in locked doors prevents me from camping in canvas tents. 😛

    Sounds like your grandkids are taking good care of granny.

    • Hi NR…you sound just like my eldest grandson…he hates camping for that very reason…and,of course, the fact there are no computers in the tent.

  7. I am too chicken not to lock my doors, vivid imagination and all that, though we never used to growing up….thank god, I would have slept in the yard alot!!

    • Hi Princess…One should NEVER leave doors unlocked in this country…we were very,very bad!

  8. Hi Granny, I think it would be great to see you having a lesson on a surfboard. 🙂

    • Hi Rose…it will never happen!!!

  9. I love that first shot 🙂

    • Hi C….thank you love…great to see you here.

  10. Really like the photos – especially the first one. Once in a while I discover that one of my doors has been unlocked. Good thing I don’t have a husband – I’d be blaming the poor soul! I don’t think there’s a place left where it’s smart to leave a door unlocked. The attitudes, they are a’changin’! In fact, I can’t figure why anyone would want a convertible anymore.

    • Hehehe Souldipper…I agree!

  11. Beautifully dramatic photos, I love them. Funny (though scary) story about the keys!

    Your grandkids are wonderful! If I ever have grandchildren, I hope they’ll be so thoughtful!

    • Thank you for reminding me RD…am off to bed now….I will check the door right now!!!

  12. You can’t lose the postaday challenge … you just have to post more than once a day until you catch up. Or … split your posts into two parts. Do you know if you edit the Publish Immediately, you can back date your posts. I suppose that’s TMI. Do you say Too Much Information in South Africa?

    • Hi Bud…thanks for that info…think I will do another post at lunchtime..I have something to say!!!

  13. What a gorgeous picture! Looks beautiful — all I can say about here right now is that I am sick to death of snow and cold! Be well, Granny.

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