Posted by: granny1947 | March 1, 2011

Grumbling Granny

Hello All.

My word time flies when you are having fun.
The day has been beset with one crisis after another.
I have been up and down like the proverbial yoyo.
At my age,  a rather geriatric yoyo.

There is another problem lying on my desk but I am doing  my best to ignore it.
Why have a boring day tomorrow?

It is ANOTHER stinking hot day.
I think somewhere around 35 degrees.
I shall be heading for the beach at sunset.
Hell, I might just have a swim.
If there are any reports of beached whales…ignore them.

Mex wants a homemade steak and kidney pie for supper.
I am not looking forward to a hot kitchen.
If it was just me I would settle for a salad.
Or a glass of cold wine.
Actually, it will be stewing meat and kidneys.
Telling you that in the interest of accuracy.

Have you noticed something?
I have absolutely nothing interesting to tell you.
I will chat someone up on the beach this evening.
Scare the living daylights out of them.
Just so I have something to tell you tomorrow.

I’ll end with a picture of Jasmine and a new friend.

I will be visiting everyone’s posts this evening.
If I am not blinded by sweat.


  1. jasmine does know how to make friends, doesn’t she.

    enjoy the swim

  2. Love Jasmine’s new friend, and at least it is getting cooler!

    • Hi Tandy…yes…thank God!

  3. What adorable friends and lucky to be at the beach! For someone who doesn’t have anything interesting to say you sure are funny. I love your writing style.

    • Thank you so much IMC…I am going to try and come over to your side tonight!

  4. I love reading what you write, even when you think you have nothing to say!! I am off to work, Yayyyyyy!! Have a great day Granny 🙂

    • Hi Princess…HAVE you gone back to work yet?

  5. LOL you may not have anything you consider interesting to write about, but you still have a funny way of expressing it! Jasmine’s new friend is so cute – maybe she’s giving Jasmine some good gossip! 😉

    • Hi RD…i like those dogs but don’t think I would like to have one.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration, I haven’t made steak&kidney pie for ages!

    • Hi Cindy…love you lots.

  7. Here’s hoping you came home to a fresh salad made for you and a refreshing drink to help you through a walk with Jasmine.

    • No Souldipper but he had done MOST of the cooking!

  8. I’d definitely opt for salad over steak or kidneys. 😀

    And wine.

  9. Salad and a walk with Jasmine is my choice… I’d even love some heat right now. Am tired of rainy cold.

    • Hi souldipper …bring on the cold and rain!

  10. My Mom cooked kidney only once … the kitchen smelled like she was sauteing a diaper, and none of us would go near it. I assume she was doing something wrong. Love the dog picture.


    • Bud ~ You made me LOL!

      The smell of sauteing diapers captures the essence of kidney. 😀

    • Euwwwwww Bud…can’t get that picture out of mind now!

  11. How was the pie? I also haven’t made one for forever! Himself loves steak & kidney.

    • Hello Supa …the pie was great…make him one!-

  12. Hi Granny, you always have something to say and you just said it. 🙂

  13. Hi Granny,
    I love steak and kidney pie! think we will have that tomorrow. Granny talking about food is never boring to Piglet…

    • Hi Piglet…I can’t get too excited by food…like it but am not crazy about cooking!

  14. Can I just make a steak ( read stewing meat) pie? What can I substitute kidneys with?

    • Hi Rob…lots of mushrooms!

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