Posted by: granny1947 | February 25, 2011

Granny looks in the mirror

Good Afternoon All.

No….make that…afternoon all.
Nothing really good about it.

The receiver of revenue has finally woken up and looked at my assessments from last year.
If you recall he hit me for an obscene amount of money.
Which my beloved DIL lent me and I am now paying her back.
Today he wants another R14000.
I think I shall go down to the beach and swim out to sea.
Maybe a REAL shark will catch me.

So I went to the hairdresser at lunchtime.
I came out feeling good.
Got one of my guys to take a picture showing the haircut.
I just know you all want to see it…hehehe.

He took another one.
It showed my eyes.
Correction…it showed the bags UNDER my eyes.
Of course, I deleted it immediately.
As one would.
Then I went upstairs and looked in the mirror.
As one would.
You know I can’t see them.
Selective sight.
Moral of the story….don’t have photographs taken.

Another painful truth.
Grey hairs are suddenly sprouting.
I wonder if the steroids had something to do with that?
I don’t mind going grey.
But slowly please.
Let me get used to it.
One hair at a time.

Now I must do some work.
I have four warnings to prepare.
I had better watch my back.
I am going to be SO popular.
One is for a staff member I found fast asleep behind one of the racks.
If I can’t do it neither can she.
And my need is greater than hers.

Have a great weekend you lot.



  1. Your hair looks good, what I can see of it! Ouch re the receiver, how come they want more??

    • They have assessed another two years!

  2. WOW that’s a BIG chunk of money! I wonder what that translates into in US dollars? Sounds brutal!

    Your haircut looks great! From what we can see of you, you look like a very youthful Granny! My grans never looked like that – both had the white fluffy granny hair and neither was slim.

    You’re lucky not to have gotten gray early. Our family genetics are “30-something = gray”. I’ve been coloring my hair for years, and now gray is suddenly chic. Too late for me, it would be too drastic a change. Wish I’d never started coloring it!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Hi RD…I know…I have been very lucky…have never coloured my hair…in fact it has got darker as I have got older.
      Thanks for the compliment.
      If I keep on eating fudge like I did today I am not going to be slim for long!

    • About 2000$

  3. Barstidge Receiver ;(
    The hair looks fabulous!

    • Thanks feels world’s better!

  4. Ha ha ha, you call me young but I trump you on the gray hair thing. With my natural dark hair, I’ve been counting grays since I was NINETEEN. Just feel grateful you can actually count yours. If I don’t keep my head slathered in dye every month, I look like MATLOCK. I keep telling hubby at some point I’m just going to start dyeing sections and leave the rest white so I look like Lily Munster.

    • Hi Morgue…that does not make me feel better…my eldest daughter has more grey than me…still don’t want it happening overnight!

  5. ouch, that is dreadful. you will have to go on to the paying-it-off mode

    • Hi Sidey…am already doing that…for the last lot!

  6. Ugh…that sucks!! But on the upside, your hair looks marvelous!!!

  7. Okay, so now we demand you change the title of your blog – it is false advertising! That there lurking behind the chunk of paper simply can’t be a granny.

    On the R of R – I bet you could get a taker for a ‘contract’ on him for about R1000-00. That would save quite a lot, and you could also ask other grateful citizens in your area to contribute towards the costs of that desirable demise. You might even end up with a profit!

  8. Buck up! You look like a college intern hiding behind that photo . . . not a granny with gray hairs!

    • You are too kind NR!

  9. *Ouch*for the R of R.Not nice.

  10. Sorry SARS is hassling you, Granny.
    The hair looks great.

    • Par for the course Madmom…they are taking over from my kids!

  11. Know what you mean, sitting with my Tax lady, and very very worried about what she is working out…OUCH!
    Have a great weekend

    • Thanks Sweetheart…I have not had the courage to go onto e-filing….will keep that treat for tomorrow!
      Love you lots.

  12. The hair looks super. How can you be a granny and not have at least some gray hair in that gorgeous dark coiffure?

    You do have some grand times with some of those staff members. Is it the same ones all the time?

    • Hi Souldipper…one is on a second warning….the sleeper is a first warning(and she is a shop steward)

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