Posted by: granny1947 | February 24, 2011

Granny fails her test.

Good Morning All.

So I failed my test.
I am really disappointed.
So was my lung guy.
We were both sure there would be SOME improvement.

This means I have to go onto some pump.
At my own expense.
Because Discovery medical aid sucks.
Costing R350 a month.
For three months.
Then more tests.

I also have to have flu shots.
I have never had a flu shot in my life.
I don’t do flu.
I also have to be innoculated against pneumonia.
I didn’t know that was possible.

So I have given it some thought.
I don’t know if I am going to do any of the above.
I will give up smoking.
Because that is sensible.
AND they have jacked the price up with the budget.

I will lose the two kgs I have picked up.
I will walk on the beach.
I will laugh a lot.
I will eat lots of fruit and vegies.
I will be fine.

Tomorrow is payday.
My little pop up toaster is running on the smell of an oil rag.
My refrigerator looks hungry.
I don’t really want to do grocery shopping this weekend.
I have this theory that the supermarkets put their prices up at month end.
No it is not a theory.
It is a conviction.

In other news my fourteen year old niece has gone for a biopsy.
They have found a lump.
My goodness…she hardly has boobs.
I am sure it can’t be serious.

I am wearing lipstick today.
I,normally, don’t bother.
However, I have painted my nails red.
So I thought I would.

I have had so many comments.
Good ones.
All I can say is I must look like a dog’s breakfast normally.

And now I have waffled enough.

Have a lovely day.


  1. Love the nails

    • Hehehe…thanks Nzwaa….

  2. What lovely long nails you have! Sorry about the test, bummer.

    • No problem Supa…you can’t win them all!

  3. Sorry to hear about your niece and your lungs. Holding thumbs for both of you.

    Nice nails!

    • Thanks Tilly…am going to phone my brother now.

  4. The red lipstick is a winner on you.
    Not even going to think about the test, the docs make mistakes.

    • Especially when it is really old lipstick!!!

  5. love you.

    • Love you too my friend…when are you coming down this way again?

      • not in the near future, have just paid my Tax payments 😦

      • Oh Dear my friend…I am still paying mine!!!

  6. I know you can do this, we’re all rooting for you.

    • Thanks Rob…that means a lot but I REALLY am fine!

  7. Sorry about the test – and hope your niece’s biopsy is negative.
    On a more positive note – keep wearing the red lipstick, love the nails! Wish mine looked half as good!

    • Thanks Barb…all my calcium goes into my nails…always has.

  8. the nails are amazing!

    Sorry about the test, breathing with neditation and activity, borruow some books on yoga from the library

    I never do a month-end shop, i agree i think somehow the prices are higher.

    • Good thinking Sidey…must look at my secondhand shop on Saturday.

  9. next test, the improvements will have come. promise

    • Yes Sidey…if I go for more!

  10. You have such beautiful nails! Wish mine looked like that!!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your lung test, but I think you’ve come up with a good plan of action. I’ve never liked the idea of being bombarded with meds and I detest needles, I think the natural way is the best way. If it doesn’t work, you can always go the doc’s route.

    Sending prayers for your niece; the lump could just be a cyst. I’ve had those and they’re not at all threatening, just caused by too much caffeine. I cut down and they went away. I’m hoping for the same for her.

    I think you should treat yourself to some wine and chocolate….. 😉

    • Thanks so much RD….the latest news is that it is a mass which they are first going to treat with medication…this makes me think it can’t be too serious.

  11. Hang on to that positive attitude! It looks great with the red polish. 😀

  12. Granny – what great nails! Afraid that photo put the other one in the back seat! Oh boy, what a bundle of life…hope you know that I’m pulling for ya!

    • Thanks Souldipper…I know you are…it means a lot.

  13. Hugs to you and your niece Granny xox

    • Thanks Princess…I see I have a few posts to catch up on your site!

  14. Sorry to hear about your test results granny, but with all the daily walks you have with Jasmine on the beach, you are probably getting more fresh air than most people I know. Good luck with the stopping smoking – I am cheering you on from the sidelines! PS: Love the nails 🙂

    • Hi MTM…I posted the nails to show the colour but they have received the most comments…it is a girl thing!

  15. Can’t they put the pump on ‘chronic’ on Discovery? I think it needs a letter from the doctor.

    • Hi bb…Discovery won’t put it on chronic until the specialist can show some improvement.

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