Posted by: granny1947 | February 21, 2011

Granny is feeling great.

Good Morning Everyone.

It is amazing what a decent night’s sleep does for one.
I DID wake up at 00:57.
And said shyte.
Actually I said more than shyte.
I needed to widdle.
And I had cramp in my foot.
Which was better than birth cramps.
By a long shot.

I did an interesting little dance to the bathroom.
And another one back to bed.
After about ten minutes the cramp eased and I went back to sleep.
Until this morning!!!!
The first decent night’s sleep in more than a week.

I have just phoned my son to wish him happy birthday.
He says it is just another day.
He has nothing planned.
Some people can be SO boring.
I welcomed my 40th with a huge party.
And my 50th.
And my 60th.
If I make my 70th I shall go into a convent.

And, now while I am still so upbeat, let me do some work.


  1. Looks like a grand and glorious day! We’ll warn the convent that you require lots of nurturing and pampering!!

    • Good Morning Souldipper…think they need to be warned about more than that!

  2. You would be sooooo wasted on the Nuns. In fact, I suspect you would get the Nuns wasted…

    Glad you got some sleep.

  3. “If I make my 70th I shall go into a convent”
    Trust me your great sense of humour would be wasted on the nuns….and you would have to kiss the crucifix everynight! Trust me I went to an Italian convent school and a bag of laughs it most def was not!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    • Hello PIP….I,too, went to a convent boarding school at the age of four and a half…remember it all in vivid detail!!!!

  4. Hi Granny, you sound nice and chipper this morning and I’m glad to hear you got a good night’s sleep.

    • ooops, I forgot my smile πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Good Morning Rose…I feel wonderful this morning…sleep, gorgeous sleep!

  5. So happy to know you’re feeling GOOD at last! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Adee….almost back to “normal”!

  6. It’s great to hear you had a good night’s sleep at last granny! Feels real good!

    • Hi Barb…what a difference…now if I can just do it again tonight!!!

  7. yaay! granny is feeling good

    • Hi Sidey…and the feeling is lasting!!!!

  8. It was lovely to see you again yesterday, so sorry we couldn’t spend more time together. Ask your friend Jacob to hurry up with setting the election date so I can come and visit you soon!

    • Why wait for the elections…come down while Mex is away!!!

  9. It’s amazing what a good sleep can do for a person! Glad you’re feeling better. Your beach looks so placid today with the clear sky and calm seas. What a perfect scene to add to your serenity!

    • Hello RD…haven’t been to the beach today…blowing a gale…poor Jasmine!

  10. That’s great!

    • Thanks Rob…now where is the rain??????

  11. πŸ™‚ I slept good last night too…amazing what going to bed early will do…was all wasted though, as I didn’t have to go to work…I went shopping instead πŸ™‚

    • Morning Princess…can’t fault shopping!!!!

  12. There is NOTHING as wondeful as a good night’s sleep ~ it’s even better than chocolate.

    Gorgeous pics. That bottom one just makes me want to run down the sand.

    • Morning NR…I NEVER have the urge to run!!!

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