Posted by: granny1947 | February 20, 2011

Granny’s Sunday Snippets


Good Evening All.

A steroid update.
Only four more of the little fluckers to go.
And then NEVER again.

I put on my jeans today and was pleasantly surprised to find they still fit.
I had the feeling I had got the size of a house.
Maybe they have stretched.

I went through,this evening, to meet the bloggers at the food Indaba.
It was held in a village about ten kms from where I stay.
Although I have been to Noordhoek before I had not been down to the beach.
It is stunning.
I intend to go down next weekend and take some photos for you.

It was so nice to see blogger friends again.
I have met such great people through blogging.
We had some champagne and some giggles.
All in all a good time.
Once again I forgot to take photos.

Talking about photos.
Look at the colours in this next one.

Isn’t that amazing.

Tomorrow is my younger son’s 40th birthday.
Forty years ago I was lying in hospital waiting to give birth.
They thought my afterbirth was going to come first.
Which can be fatal.
I had been therre for two days and was fed up.
I told the doctor I had changed my mind and was not going to have the baby after all.
I wanted to go home.
He finally induced the birth and out popped this beautiful ten pound baby.

My son….you gave me years of incredible heartache and pain.
But you have cleaned up your act miraculously.
I am proud of you.
I love you.
Happy birthday.

And now I am off to bed.
Hope I don’t dream of giving birth.


  1. only jerseys stretch, becasue you don’t want then to do so

    so glad you had fun with the girls

    • Hi Sidey…it was great…Cindy and supa on top form.

  2. Glad the son was worth having even if you don’t even want to dream about his arrival!

    What, no lovely skinder about other bloggers?

    I simply shake my head in awe at the countless faces your views manage to offer.

    • Good Morning Col…what happens at the MOB stays at the mob!!!
      All the trouble at letterdash was caused by that NOT happening(amongst other things)

  3. Happy birthday to your son.

    Glad you had a good weekend.


    • Thanks Tilly…can’t tell my son…he will know i talk about him!!!

  4. Glad you got to see Cindy at the Indaba, and that your jeans still fit! 🙂

    • Hi NR…Always great to see Cindy…just love her to bits.

  5. Glad you enjoyed seeing the other bloggers and ESPECIALLY pleased that you haven’t put on weight! Now that’s really good news… Love the 2nd photo too.

    • Morning Adee…haven’t actually been on the scale but the clothes felt ok!!!

  6. Hey Granny, don’t you get around. It must have been a great reunion. Love that colorful photo. I really looks a lot like some of the beaches around my home. Happy successful Birth Day! 😀

    • Thanks Souldipper…it was a great reunion!

  7. You are looking like a million bucks, never want to see you without red lipstick again!
    Love you MADLY!!! XXX

    • You are too kind Cindy….they say you have to be old to wear red lipstick!!!

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