Posted by: granny1947 | February 19, 2011

Granny and the odds


Hello Everyone.

Now that I have this huge monitor up and working everything looks wrong.
The photo is in the middle of the screen and the words are to the left.
Hopefully, it will all sort itself out.

So my son and daughter in law went to watch the U2 concert last night.
She says it was incredible.
I hear there were 80000 people there.
Today my grandson came around to cut my grass(God I love that kid).
He,also, went to the concert.
Jokingly, I asked if he had seen his aunt and uncle.
He DID!!!!
What are the chances?
He bumped into them as he was going into the stadium.

Granddaughter, Jasmine and I went to the beach this morning.
My first walk for the week.
I managed the whole beach.
She is unimpressed that I have posted a picture of her.
My blog, my photo, my choice.
She will have to live with it.

Right now I am supposed to be getting ready to go to watch Shakespeare.
It isn’t going to happen.
I feel so darned awful I have backed out.
I cannot WAIT for Wednesday when I stop taking these poisonous pills.
I would probably have fallen asleep in the middle of the play.
Which might have been disconcerting for the cast.

Granddaughter is busy making hamburgers for supper(love that kid too)
Mex has gone to the pub to watch rugby.
We don’t have cable.
I have turned off the TV.
Peace and quiet.

And now, as I have absolutely nothing interesting or world shattering to talk about, I shall sign off.

Catch you all tomorrow.


  1. Oh, dear Granny! I’m anxious for you to get off those awful pills too. I hope you’ll feel better soon and I’m sorry you have to miss the show!

    • Hi RD…am not too unhappy about the play…not in the mood for it tonight!
      Have a great weekend.

  2. Have a great day Granny!!

    • You too your photo blog!

  3. Falling asleep at a play reminds me of falling asleep at the symphony.

    We had season tickets one year on Sunday afternoons. Each week, we fell into our seats, exhausted, and slumbered throughout the performance, awakened only by the periodic applause.

    Feel better, kiddo!

    • Thanks NR…just counted my pills…only two more doses to go!!!

  4. What great grandkids! Come on Wednesday!! Hope you feel better after getting off those pills.

    • Hi Dawn…only TWO more days!!!

  5. If you had fallen asleep you may also have started snoring…which would have been even more disconcerting LOL

    • Yes PIP…that was a distinct possibility!

  6. I love your grandkids! I’m sure you will start feeling better once you are off those darn pills. Keep your walking up on the beach and enjoy your weekend!

    • Aren’t they great Barb? The grandson lived with me from the age of four until last year so we have a special bond.
      I adopted the granddaughter, though she now lives with her Dad, so we also have a close bond.

  7. Stunning pic the first one ….she looks stunning…hope you feeling better…love you xxx

  8. I bet that is how you looked when you were her age… Gorgeous young woman.

    • Hi Amy…when she loses some of the puppy fat we are going to have to lock her away!

  9. are you kathy? am getting in a muddle over this. if you are and you have emailed me, forgive lack of reply. something weird happens to the email on my phone and it doesn’t come to computer. so I can’t answer that way!

    this just gets harder and harder ! jenny

    • Hi Jenny…yes I sent you an e-mail…no problem….hope you get it sorted out!

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