Posted by: granny1947 | February 17, 2011

Granny and the bullies


Good Morning All.

What a week I am having.
Another pet peeve rant.
It came to my attention, yesterday, that one of our staff members has been constantly teased and bullied for the last couple of years.
Not in my department.
However, I suspect that a couple of my staff members could be involved in the bullying.

Sitting at my computer at three o’clock this morning I got to thinking.
I got them all together and let them have a steroid induced lecture.(just now…not at three o’clock)
Told them that, by watching someone being bullied, they were just as guilty.
Shyte…I could give Dr. Phil a run for his money.
What sort of pleasure does it give to make someon’s life miserable?

At half past two this morning I got onto my service provider.
It is a good time to phone.
There is no queue.
On the downside you appear to wake the consultants up.
I got a really bright beauty.
My registry on my desktop got corrupted(must be related to our president)
I lost all  my e-mail settings.
Bright beauty informed me I did not have an e-mail account.
This despite the fact I receive e-mail on it and I pay for the damn thing every month.
Long story cut short…he eventually found it and we got it all sorted out…and 365 e-mails popped into my box.
Which kept me busy for a while.

Coming to work was quite interesting today.
A 65km South Easter blowing.
We drove along in thick cloud.
No cars in front of me but a whole heap of them behind me.
All muttering about old ladies driving at 60kms.
I opened both my windows and let the cool wind howl through the car.
I have SUCH an interesting hairstyle today.
Think I will patent it.

And,now, I have waffled quite enough.
Wake up you lot.



  1. Bullies are always cowards. Good on you for taking them on Granny!

    • Hi Colleen!!! Great to see you again!

  2. Seems bullies are the new ‘rage’ these days. Eish. Horrible.

    • I know Madmom and I have zero tolerance for them.

  3. You should blow a whistle loudly in both the bully and bright beauty’s ears 😦

  4. Good work Granny!!! Sometimes people need a good smack upside the head don’t they?

    • Hi Princess…now if i could actually DO that wouldn’t that be great?

  5. you are wonderful to remind them of their nastyness

    post a pic of the hairstyle?

    • I can’t Sidey…it has already changed!

  6. All I can say is they call themselves adults! 🙂

    • I know Rose….and the biggest culprit is a man near to retirement!

      • That’s disgusting!! He should know better than that. I wonder what his kids are like if he has any. Well, good for you for saying something. 🙂

      • It is four thirty in the morning here….have blog block….sigh

  7. Zero is the only level of tolerance for bullying. Man it really disgusts me. Thank you for taking a stand. I am so proud of you, Granny.

  8. I was bullied at work – in fact I was bullied out of my job by the technical director who I walked on hot coals for. I loved that job it was my passion and 15 yrs later it still hurts. 5yrs after it happened bullying in the work place became very PC…I could have sued the bloody pants off him….hmmm granny what with dogs, doctors and bullying you have me in a lather tonight 🙂 I better go take a chill pill 🙂 LOL

    • Oh Dear Piglet…I will have to blog after I have been to the Shakespeare play…something really boring so I don’t upset you 🙂

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