Posted by: granny1947 | February 16, 2011


Morning All.

If you have come here for a giggle this morning you had better leave now.

I have has a serious sense of humour failure.

Last evening one of my guys came across a commotion near his home.
A huge dog had attacked a school girl, her grandmother and a six month old baby.
The grandmother was lying on the sidewalk with her clothes ripped.
The school girl had bits of flesh hanging from her arm.
The baby was in a bad way.

A passerby grabbed the baby and rushed into a nearby doctor’s surgery.
The receptionist wanted to know if the baby was on medical aid.
The guy explained he was just trying to help.
She then said he would have to pay cash.
That the doctor was busy with another patient.

My guy came in at this point and loaded the baby in his car, put on his hazard lights and raced the child to the nearest hospital.
Where the staff dropped everything to attend to the baby.
We don’t know if the child survived.

One could say the doctor might have been unaware of the situation.
I don’t buy it.
His receptionist has obviously been trained not to accept patients without medical aid or cash.
She should rot in hell.

Blame my steroids but I have this overwhelming desire to go around to the surgery and do that doctor some serious bodily harm.

Can I be sued if I name and shame him?
What the fuck…I really don’t care.
Doctor Ling of Retreat in Cape Town….change your career.
You should be sweeping streets.

My second rant is about the dog.
It has attacked before.
What the hell is it still doing around?



  1. Granny, what a dreadful thing to happen. Maybe it’s legally wrong to name him – though why? You haven’t reported anything but the truth – but you are morally right to do so.

    Shame shame shame on both of those people. And the dog owner.

    • I agree Tilly but the law is funny…am probably deep in the smelly stuff!

    • it really just can’t be wrong to report the truth. I’m pretty sure you can’t sue for telling the truth.

      I know truth is hard to define. But even hospitals on battle fields don’t ask the nationality, which side they are on or whether their are funds – do they?

      • Hi Jenny…hope you are right…not that I have anything for them to sue me for…not even false teeth!

  2. I wonder if we should all name and shame Dr Ling on our Facebook walls?
    😦 😦 😦

    • Hehehe…fb will probably ensure legal action!!!

  3. I would phone his surgery and verbalise my anger!!! That is shocking. I hope everyone will be okay.

    • Hi 40….me too…don’t quite know how to find out.

  4. If this dog has done this before, then (as much as I love dogs), it should be put down before it does it again.
    This doctor should be shamed – and his receptionist – for refusing to treat that little baby. Is there any way we can find out if it survived?

    • Hi Barb…I phoned the day hospital but the baby had been transferred to one of the major hospitals…as I don’t know any names there is not much more I can find out.

  5. In this country he would be sued, his receptionist would be sued, and the practice would be sued. I generally don’t agree with the overly litigious society we live in, but in cases like this it’s well deserved and should happen. Of course, I’m sure he and the receptionist would change their stories completely by the time the case went to court.

    I often wonder how people like that can live with themselves. You’d think they’d have nightmares for the rest of their lives.

    Blessings on your employee and that other guy for getting involved and trying to help. I hope all three victims received the care they needed.

    I’m an animal lover, but that dog should be euthanized. Vicious dogs don’t belong on the streets.

    • Hi RD…I hear the woman wasn’t the grandmother but the owner of the dog!!!!He attacked when she came out to stop him.

  6. I wish I could say this is shocking but I’ve heard of this sort of thing happening quite a lot. I cannot fathom turning away anyone, let alone an injured baby, over financial concerns. Anyone who does so is barely human. Our medical care system here is at best questionable unless you have hella private insurance but at least we do have the law where no one can be turned down for inability to pay at a hospital if they’re seriously injured. Frankly, I gotta wonder how these people end up in medicine-a field that professes to help and do no harm-if their only concern is money.
    I had a dog when I was a kid who bit my drunken uncle because he kicked it and they put it down. These days a dog has to mangle an entire village before anyone will do anything about it. So much for evolution.
    Maybe this dr and receptionist need to spend some quality alone time with that nasty dog and we can meter out their medical attention based on our ability to care.

    • I love the way your mind works Morgue!!!

  7. That’s disgusting that the receptionist and doctor refused to help the baby. Obviously they don’t have any compassion for another human being unless payment is offered first.

    The dog and it’s owner should be reported to the authorities. Can’t the police do anything? I would be depressed too Granny but I do hope everyone will be okay. 🙂

    • Hi Rose…am going to try and find out a bit more today!

  8. quite right.
    no second chances ever!

    it’s shocking to think the Doctors’ staff have come so far from their Oath to preserve life at all costs.

    We have these dangerous dogs in the UK as well. Even the underground dog baiting clubs carry on in secret. How are such secrets possible, I wonder.

  9. This happened to my mother several months ago. She went to the clinic with infection in her arm. They refused to see her – said she had to go to the hospital emergency room because she had just had a shoulder replacement in that arm. The infection didn’t even have anything to do with the shoulder replacement. It was a skin tear in the lower arm. Mother had to go to the emergency room and sit for hours. Grrrrrr!
    No wonder you’re depressed, granny!

    • Hi Dawn…so it is not just in Africa!! the whole world is becoming so mercenary…no more values.

  10. Seriously…how the HELL could you see a baby in any kind of pain or distress and turn it away…unbelievable…

    It just shows what a sad state our world is in when something like that happens and people have absolutely no compassion.

    I will send positive thoughts to the family…and Granny, I don’t blame you at all for being so angry, anyone with a conscience or any feelings at all would totally agree with you.

    • One thing is for sure Princess…I will never be going to that so called surgery.

  11. That’s awful.That dog needs to be put down-to savage three people?I agree that the Dr is a disgrace to the medical profession.

    • Hi bb…I must find out about that dog…make a few phonecalls if necessary.

  12. How awful. For all concerned.

    • I know NR…felt quite sick about it.

  13. No wonder you are fit to be tied, Granny. Omigod… This brand of insanity pops up all over and causes us to feel so helpless.

    • Isn’t it dreadful Amy? Was it like this when we were growing up or was it just hidden better?

      • People used to put people first. Even money came second! If anyone neglected someone in trouble in my world, they would have met the wrath of neighbours and from community leaders. A change of some sort would come about.

        Folks didn’t run scared of being sued like happens today.

        We’ve got so many damned laws that they tangle each other into useless knots.

      • It is very sad Souldipper….we don’t have the litigation problem here but greed is killing our country.

  14. Granny this makes me SO angry. I would feed both the doctor and the receptionist to the dog!!!! I am terrified of dogs…all dogs for this very reason. What does the dog owner have to say? Surely it has to be put down. Thats the owner not the dog…well yes the dog as well. GGGGGGRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    You have certainly made my blood boil 🙂

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