Posted by: granny1947 | February 14, 2011

Granny’s manic Monday

Morning All.
Notice I did NOT say Good morning.
You know you should have stayed in bed when you wake up at three in the morning and can’t get back to sleep.
So you make coffee at five and load your non-working monitor and computer into the car.
Decide to get to work nice and early to hit the backlog.
Discover you have a flat tyre.

I filled my car up with gas yesterday.
Being a good girl I had them check the air pressure in my tyres.
I think they broke the one valve.

So I get to work to find out one of my guys has broken his hand.
The doctor has booked him off until the 24th.
I don’t understand the younger generation.
The bugger has TWO hands!

Jasmine had a whole jug of garlic sauce over her cubes this morning.
Good thing she does not have a boyfriend.
I didn’t kiss her goodbye.

I DID kiss Mex goodbye.
If he had not been there I would still be at home contemplating my flat tyre.
Somehow I got the impression I was not his favourite person.
Some people have just no sense of humour at six thirty in the morning.

I popped in to see how my DIL was,yesterday.
She has also not been well.
My six year old granddaughter met me at the door.
Shoved her hand out and offerred me a piece of chocolate.
I was dubious.
I didn’t know where that hand had been.
But didn’t want to hurt her feelings.
As I put it in my mouth she said “it is horrible”
It was.
Such a kind little soul.
She will go far.

And in closing:

Latest News on Egypt

نور ا ر رفت سايه  يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه  يدا نيست نور نيست يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه  يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه  يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه  يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه  يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه  يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه  يدا نيست نور يدا نيست نور ا ر رفت سايه  يدا نيست نور

Hectic stuff! I will keep you all informed.
Have a great day you lot.


  1. Hope your day gets better!

    • Thanks Tilly…will let you know!

  2. Get better soon…lots of love and hugs xxxx

    • Same to you sweetheart!

  3. *quickly scrolls down below picture, flapping paw in front of nose* That is a LOT of garlic!

    Flat tyres can be tiresome and leave you feeling deflated, indeed. How to get rid of horrible choc, in one easy lesson! And that Egyptian news is fascinating, but I would have preferred it in hieroglyphics.

    • Hi Col…on top form I see!

  4. HAHAHAHA!!!! Once again you’ve started my day off with some good laughs. I love visiting with you!

    Hope your day improves!

  5. Hi Granny, It’s the steroids not letting you sleep. Hopefully your day will end with you being able to hook up your new flat screen. 🙂

    • Morning Rose…it didn’t happen!!!

  6. Happy Valentines Day Granny 🙂

    • Thanks Princess…hope you had a good one too.

  7. Sorry NA has also not been well, thinking of you both.
    These pics are exquisite, the colour is somehow different, lovely.

    • Thanks Cindy…NA was lucky…they have a clinic so she was able to get help at work!

  8. Your granddaughter is a hoot . . . so are you.

    • Morning NR…I will take that as a compliment!

  9. Looks like it was a k@k day all round Granny…hopefully tomorrow will be better.

    • Hello MTM…yesterday was a disaster…today promises to be equally as bad..sigh.

      • Sending you lots of positive vibes!

      • Thanks MTM…lots of love.

  10. I pay $75. a year so when I have a flat tire, I dial this number and some marvelous young man appears and fixes the flat. I don’t have to feed him, bed him or tend his nest. Am I confused? 😀

    • No Souldipper…you are just so lucky…bet you deflate a tyre now and again. 🙂

  11. hope your day improved. is the garlic against fleas?

    • Thanks Sidey…well it must have worked…I don’t have any fleas!

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