Posted by: granny1947 | February 12, 2011

Granny has an up and down day


Hello All.

Once again Jasmine on the wrong side of the gate.
Note the cat in the background.
Not yet spotted by my vigilant dog.
Great fun and games when she DID spy it.

We went to the beach but there wasn’t much to see.

Thick mist and lots of low flying birds.
Wondering where the hell they were going.

I woke up feeling quite good.
Then Mex announced that Incredible Connection had a special offer on.
Bring in your old monitor and get big discount on a flat screen.
He went off to buy me one.
Don’t know what I did to deserve that.
Well, I do, but I am not sharing.

I was SO excited.
Have wanted a big flat screen forever.
In appreciation I got out the new green mop.
And used it!

Then the day went pear shaped.
Long story short my desktop won’t talk to the monitor.
It won’t talk to my next door neighbour’s monitor.
I will have to take it in to my wonderful IT guy on Monday.

In the meantime I have to use the laptop.
Which I don’t like.
But I am grateful I have it as a back-up.

My granddaughter phoned to ask if she could come for the weekend.
I had picked up almost 19  year old grandson to help with the monitor.
I dropped him at home and went and fetched her.
All the time feeling sicker and sicker.
Was in bed by seven thirty.
Which is why I am awake at two thirty AM!!!
Enough is enough.
Am going to have to have a serious talk to this body of mine.

And now let me go back to bed.
Think nice thoughts.
Try to get back to sleep.

Catch you all later.


  1. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble sleeping. Good night and sweet dreams. 🙂

    • Thanks Rose…do hope you are feeling better now.

  2. Granny, thanks so much for your kind thoughts on my blog! They gave me a nice warm feeling (which helped to counter the chills!). Fever is down, now to get rid of the rest of the symptoms and get my strength back.

    I think Jasmine is getting a real charge out of this whole “wrong side of the gate” game of hers! She looks like she’s smiling one of those “gotcha”/”look-where-I-am” smiles! 🙂

    Sleep well and feel better tomorrow!

    • Morning RD…OH yes…this is definitely a game…one I am getting a bit tired of!!!

  3. I’m not a techie but I think I know what the monitor problem is. Obviously, Mex bought you a MALE monitor thus the refusal to communicate. Nothing male communicates beyond basic grunting,if they can be bothered to do that much. Get a female monitor! 🙂

    • You are a genius Morgue…will put a sticker of a car on the desktop…do you think that will help?

  4. not good.just look after yourself

    • Morning Sidey….I might take a week to play that one game…KNOW there is a scrabble there!

  5. What an anti-climax with the new flat screen monitor! Hope your IT guy can get it working for you. I can see why you felt worse as the day wore on – frustration will do that to you!
    Anyway, hope you are feeling better soon; take care and get some rest.

    • Good Morning Barb…my IT guy is great…just always so busy!!

  6. It’s terrible when one part of the computer doesn’t talk to the other. Here’s to better days (and monitor hook ups) ahead.

    • Thanks NR…my laptop has a life of it’s own and I hate doing posts on it!!

  7. Sorry my honey 😦

    • Morning Love…you went to bed late?

  8. have you tried hooking the monitor up to the lap top? so you can have a bigger better flat screen ????
    You need to take it easy my friend and listen to those doctors ..
    Hope you have a good weekend

    • Hi Love…yes I tried that too…same thing!!!

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  10. Pity, after it had started so well! I hope all issues are resolved soon!

    • Thank you Col…very irritating!

  11. I hope you were able to get back to sleep. Yucky! Yucky! Yucky! Take care of yourself, granny.

    • Hi Dawn…once again early hours of the morning but it is not bad…love the peace and quiet.

  12. Ag granny, Ive been a bad bad friend, so snowed under with work for the upcoming conference no time for blogging. So sorry that you have been ill and I didn’t know. WHY didnt you call and tell me??????? I hope the medication helps. Are you still not smoking??? Oh why am I bothering writing all this….I will just phone you…no look at the time…..I can’t do that now. Will have to do it in the morning. Indaba is next Sunday then I will start getting back to normal again. Love you loads ……xxxx PS Im laid up with a flippin sac spider bite…well TWO bites actually…on antibiotics now so hopefully it will get better soonest.

    • Good Morning Colleen….euwwwwwwwwww..a spider bite…shame my friend.
      Might pop around soon and ask you to give me a VitB shot?
      Love you lots.

  13. Ohhhh…big screens are fun!! Hope you get it up and running…the screen I mean 🙂 Have a great day Granny…

    • Morning Princess…very frustrating…it is on my desk…all black and silent!

  14. thanks for the tip, I went and got a huge one (for ageing eyes)

    • Great stuff Sidey…hope yours works!!!

  15. Granny, how about a good ol’ belly laugh:

    This is to help you through the night!! 😀

    • Thanks Souldipper…will check it out later…three in the morning here.
      Hope you are feeling better?

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