Posted by: granny1947 | February 10, 2011

Granny and the Kleptomaniac

Hello Again.

I must have energy today.
Actually, I am running out of steam now but still feel a lot better.

This morning we went to the beach.
I walked with my feet in the water.
It felt SO good.

On the way back Jasmine decided to visit my friend’s house.
The one my friend has rented out.
Once again when I got to the car there she was.
On the wrong side of the gate.
Looking very concerned that I was going to leave her.

I started the car and she raced back to the other side of the house to get back to me.
She came back with a hide bone gripped firmly in her mouth.
Leapt into the car determined not to let her treasure go.
Whined all the way home.
It crossed my mind that I would recue it from her and throw it over their wall tomorrow.
However, Jasmine raced through the house, into the garden, and, promptly buried it.
We will have to be partners in crime.

A mug shot of the thief.

And now I shall wander back to my bed.
Read a bit more of my book.
It is hard work doing nothing.

Oh yes before I go.

How lucky can I be?
I have a doctor,who I adore, who phones me at seven at night to find out how I am doing.
This morning the lung guy phoned me at a quarter to eight.
To find out how I was feeling.
He lost his Dad yesterday and is flying to Zimbabwe today.
How great  that he still found the time to phone me.
Said he was more worried about me than his Dad.
I am trying not to read anything into that!!!!


  1. Hi Granny. Seems to be a lot of chest infections about. My daughter is also sick as a dog and battling to breathe. She never normally gets bronchitis or the like. Love the pic of the Kleptomaniac.

    • Hi Steph…that is not nice…not being able to breath sucks big time.

  2. Hi Granny, having energy and running out of steam can be a side effect of the steroids. I know I felt the same way when I was on them. Try not to do too much and conserve your energy for now. Curl up with your book and enjoy the rest. 🙂

    • Hi Rose…now that is advice I WILL follow!

  3. Well I’m joining you in the Sick Department – turns out I have the flu. Hopefully it’s nothing more than that, but this is the 3rd day of fever and misery, which has me a bit edgy. I’m missing one of my daughter’s orchestra concerts tonight because of this stupid thing. Ack.

    Anyway I’m glad your energy is returning. You are truly blessed to have a doctor who cares so much about you!

    • Get better soon my friend.

  4. Never heard of doctors like that !!!

    • hi Cindy…aren’t they great????

  5. they sound just amazing

    • My sexy doc is just wonderful and it appears the lung guy is too!

  6. Wonderful doctors and a good looking partner in crime! Lucky you!

    • I know NR…what can I say…very lucky!

  7. You are so lucky to have doctors like that! I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling much better too. Don’t do too much, you still need to take some time out and relax.
    Has your partner in crime uncovered her “loot” yet to check it out? I love the pic!

    • Hi Barb…you are so right…I ran out of steam quite early yesterday and I wasn’t even DOING anything!!!
      Jasmine never digs her treasures up again….strange dog.

  8. The dastardly bug has zapped my energy for the past few days as well. When I think it’s over, another blast of heat cooks my organs and I’m exhausted.

    Vacuumed last night out of disgust over the assortment of flora that Duc brings in on his angora coat. I don’t even feel like having someone in to clean – which means I am definitely off my beam.

    • Get better soon my friend…ignore the dirt…it is not going anywhere…it can wait it’s turn!

  9. Wow! Are you sure the doctors aren’t just visitors from a faraway galaxy? They don’t sound like most (or any?) doctors on earth. So glad you felt better – even for a while. And glad you found a place to walk in the water without the stinky seaweed stuff.

    • Morning Dawn…the lung guy is new but is so sweet and caring and very shy…I think I scare him.
      Sexy Doc is just wonderful. Not only caring but a damn good doctor…all the specialists speak so highly of him.
      I don’t care where they are from…I love them!

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