Posted by: granny1947 | February 9, 2011

Granny has a little vent.

Good Morning All.

Just a little vent.
I am tired.
I am tired of being tired.
I am tired of being tired of being tired.
You get my drift?

Last evening I just couldn’t do the beach walk.
So I decided to go to the point and have a little stroll there.
Breath in some fresh air.
It was a bit of a mistake.

Hell, the smell of rotting seaweed was unreal.
It smelt as though something had died.
And not recently.
It is not just the seaweed.
I think it is all the bird poop too.

Jasmine got stuck into some really revolting old seaweed.
Then got into the car,hung over my shoulder, and breathed on me.
It was eye wateringly awful!

I picked up an action figure on the path.
Some wrestler I don’t recognise.
I left it for Mex to play with.

And now a naughty joke.

An old lady goes to visit her dentist.

When it's her turn, she sits in the chair, lowers her knickers and sticks her legs in the air.

"Excuse me!" Splutters the dentist "I'm a dentist not a

"I know" says the old lady. "I want you to take my husband's teeth out!

 Hehehe…have a great day all.


  1. Hoping all is well. Thinking of you.

  2. From the photographs you post, you live in a stunningly beautiful place, full of wildlife.
    I guess walking on the beach is not always perfect!
    Loved the joke btw.

    • Barb, you have no idea how beautiful granny1947’s world is. I consider it God’s own country.

      • As an unbiased Canadian – Cape Town is one of the most scenic, picturesque coastal cities I’ve experienced. And I visit Victoria and Vancouver regularly 😀

        My visit included the power of one terrible blow in 2009 – but then I cannot resist the combination of wind and ocean.

      • No arguments from me Souldipper!

      • Good Morning Sweetheart…I bet you and HP are up…don’t know why I am!!!

    • Good Morning Barb….this place is like a piece of heaven. No matter where you go in Cape Town there is just incredible beauty.I have been back here for ten years and I still go WOW on a daily basis!

  3. LOL! Isn’t it weird how two areas of the same beach can be so completely different? I guess more nasty stuff gets caught up at the point.

    Maybe after your lung test results are in, the dr. can give you something to help boost your energy levels back to normal. Fingers crossed!

    • Good morning RD…what is more amazing is you can have two different types of weather at the same time on the beach!!Sometimes I look towards the mountain and it is grey and threatening then I look left and it is gorgeous…never boring.

  4. Hey Granny, Loved the joke. Have you given any thought to wearing a mask when you’re outside? I know that sometimes it helps me a bit if there is something in the air that is bothering me. Worth a try. 🙂

    • OMW Rose…if I wore a mask people would think I was going to rob a bank!!!

  5. Granny, my coffee just came out my nose! I am terrible at remembering jokes. I must remember this one!

    Once you get your results, maybe ask your doctor about B12 shots. I love mine. The difference in my energy level is incredible.

    And I’m sorry about your smelly beach, but the view is still one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

    • Morning Joann…so glad I made you laugh.
      At he start of all this chaos all I wanted was a vit.b shot!!!!

  6. You’re a generous soul; I’m sure Mex loved the action figure!
    Have you tried Vitathion sachets for energy? It’s an excellent product, if you can get your taste buds around the guava flavour.
    Brilliant joke 🙂

    • Good morning HP….Thanks for the tip…will look for some today.

  7. Love your daily pics Granny 🙂 and the rants, they always make me smile!!

  8. Lucky you, Granny, to have such a foul-breathed passenger.

    • I know SD….I just adore that dog….she is watching me now..hoping for a beach walk even though it is still dark outside!

  9. that joke made me laugh out loud! Must remember it for when there is a polite lull in conversation LOL 🙂

    • If you do PIP…don’t tell anyone where you heard it!

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