Posted by: granny1947 | February 8, 2011

Granny’s Twitchy Tuesday

Good Morning All.

I am looking for a temporary home.
Any offers?
I don’t need much.
It just needs to be far away from our ash heap.
Self cleaning.
Animal friendly.

I have decided that morning walks are now out.
The sun is coming out just too late.
I went after work last evening.
It is just not the same.
I struggled along the beach.
Feeling like an old lady.
I AM an old lady.
For the first time I am reminded that I am no longer a spring chicken.
Hell I am just a tough old bird.
With a chicken neck!

How is this mist?
Isn’t it incredible?

Tomorrow is the lung function test.
I haven’t passed a test in years.
If nothing else, it should be interesting.
You will hear all about it.

And now I am going to have some breakfast.

Wait…let me see if I can find a joke for you.

Mother in Law to Daughter in law: “Listen I don’t mean to offend you but my grandson doesn’t look like my son at all!!”  

Daughter in Law to
Mother in Law: “Ma, sorry but I have a vag!na between my legs and not
a photocopy machine

Sorry…that is SO weak!!!!


  1. Good luck with the lung function test Granny – last time I had to have it done I huffed and puffed, but no little piggies lost their homes 😉

    • Hi MTM….think mine will be just the same!

  2. Hi Granny. That ash would drive me crazy too. Good luck with your lung function test – hope this is one exam that you pass.

    • Thanks Steph…there is no chance in hell I am going to pass this test!

  3. Daughter in Law to
    Mother in Law: “Ma, sorry but I have a vag!na between my legs and not a photocopy machine

    Thank you Granny – a good start to my day, you made me laugh out loud!! 🙂

    While you have a sense of humour you are not old.

    • My pleasure PIP…have a super day.

  4. I loved the joke at the end of your post, so you still have a great sense of humour, that is a positive for you.
    Good luck with your lung function test and let us know how it goes.

    • Good afternoon Barb…you will all definitely hear about it…in gory detail!

  5. LOVE the pic with the mist, it’s amazing!

    Good luck with your test tomorrow, I hope it goes well for you! Sending positive thoughts your way! 🙂

    • Thanks so much RD….very hot today and I am wearing jeans…bad choice!

  6. well your lungs are functioning or you’d be dead. but you may not get a distinction 😉

    • You are so right Sidey!!!

  7. You’re more than welcome to move in with me 🙂
    Good luck with the lung function test, I’m useless at blowing up a balloon.

    • Hehehe HP…I have never been able to blow up a balloon…will certainly fail their stupid test today!

  8. I have a spare room…no ash but my basement sometimes smells like ass due to the stinky teenagers that can hang out down there…. 🙂 you are welcome anytime in spite of that, we can kick ’em outside!! Good luck with the test my friend…hugs to you!!

    • thank you princess….yes…and teenagers can be SUCH smelly animals!

  9. You’re welcome here anytime.
    Good luck with the test, try to get a good rest tonight and just relax!

    • Oh Cindy….thank you love.

  10. Wonderful post. Sorry about losing the light for your morning walks. Enjoyed the joke.

    Good luck on the morrow.

    • Hi NR…thank you ….just want to go home and sleep…damnit.

  11. The thing I learned about my lung test, Granny? In about 43 years, I may die of a heart attack. Oh well.

    Thanks for the laugh! I delight in smart-assed women.

    • Good Morning SD…I feel the same way…am not worried about the tests…am sure it is the damn ash!

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