Posted by: granny1947 | February 6, 2011

Granny’s Sunday Saga

Good Morning Everyone.

A lovely cool morning.
Need to go for a walk just now but it looks a bit like rain.
Talking about weather…which I will stop doing in a sec…check out this website.
It is a Norweigian website but gives you an hourly forecast for your region.
I have actually found our little village.

Five cigarettes left.

Mex and I are SO different.
He is convinced my Doc is correct.
That I have a clot(or did he say I AM a clot?)
That my heart is a problem.
That the lung guy has misdiagnosed…being new and all.
Shyte he will be talking me into illness.

I, on the other hand, am not at all worried.
OK…a little bit about the withdrawal from my ciggies.
About gaining a horrendous amount of weight.
I woke in the early hours with a crashing headache.
Which didn’t happen in hospital.
It is the damn ash!

Talking about the hospital.
Oh boy.
I had two hours sleep.
As fate would have it there was a guy down the passage with the most revolting death rattle cough I have ever heard.
He coughed all night.
Listening to him was the biggest motivation to give up smoking.

People rang their bells.
And rang their bells.
And rang their bells.
The nursing staff appeared to take their sweet time to answer the rings.
I was so grateful I was not at death’s door.

I had a lovely lady in the bed opposite me.(there were only the two of us in the ward)
She was in because she has an incredible number of gallstones and was in agony.
They had her on a drip and she was on a legal high most of the time.
She informed me that for the two hours that I managed to sleep I kept stopping breathing.
She nearly rang for help.
She also said I was shaking.
And tossing and turning.
I should have charged her entertainment tax.
Mex informs me that I don’t, normally, do any of those things.
I can only put it down to all the needling I had had.

They gave us supper at five thirty.
I ate it all.
Because that is what I do.
When I am paying three thousand rand a night.
They only brought us breakfast at nine the next morning.
It was revolting.
I ate it all.
Because that is whatI do when I am paying three thousand rand a night.
And I was starving.

I drove myself to the hospital because I had gone there from work.
I asked the lung guy if he had noticed a bright yellow car in the car park.
He offered to go and check for me.
I declined.
He passed me as I was signing my discharge forms.
He offered to give me a lift to my car.
I declined.
There is a bit of pressure when you are someone’s only patient.

Now let me go and get dressed.
Go for a walk.
Get some new pictures.

Have a wonderful day all.


  1. I pray you get better soon.

    • Thank you Rob…I am just great!

  2. Well, Sue gave up and has never looked back, so good luck, I’m sure you;ll get a lot of support from her, and of course us all cheering you on from the sidelines

    • Morning Sidey…still five to go!

  3. Tell you what, Gran, if you gain unwanted weight and become a hypochondriac (sp?) then you should have a total knee replacement – I have lost 10 kg – and it’s not at all flattering having loose skin around my middle, I can tell you! Good luck with giving up smoking!

    • Uhmmm Adee….isn’t there an easier way????

  4. Best of luck with quitting and with getting over this soon. We could do with some of your cool weather here; it’s already sweltering.

    • Hello HP..lovely and cool today…I’ll send it up…might take a couple of days!

  5. I’m rooting for you, Kiddo!

    • Not good enough Cindy…misery loves company…give up smoking with me! Huh,huh,huh?

  6. I so love you already 🙂 ….you are my inspiration every day now that I have met you, I can’t wait to read what you write 🙂 feel better soon my friend 🙂

    • Awwwwww Princess…that is so sweet…thank you!

  7. Not my idea of a fun day – at that price at least the grub should have been five-star!

    • That’s what I thought Col!!!

  8. You make me smile with your little zingers:

    I should have charged her entertainment tax.

    It was revolting.
    I ate it all.

    There is a bit of pressure when you are someone’s only patient.

    Hang on to that fab attitude ~ a valuable possession in the changing fortunes of time.

    • Thank you NR…it is part and parcel of my make-up…sometimes gets me into trouble at work.

  9. Winston Churchill’s words come to mind again: When you’re going through hell, keep going.

    As I write this…you’ve already begun your ascent into no smoking land.

    • Love Churchill SD…don’t think it will be hell…purgatory maybe!

  10. I never stay anywhere overnight without bringing my little foam earplugs. They work wonders. Take cae

    • A good idea Bud except for two things.
      I didn’t know I was going into hospital.
      I don’t own any earplugs!!!

  11. Hi Granny,
    Lagging a bit behind on the posts so by the time I read today’s you should have no more weeds left? 🙂 I hate it when you have not slept all night and then when you do eventually get off to sleep – they wake you up!

    Love the weather site.

    • Hi PIP….very good site hey?

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