Posted by: granny1947 | February 5, 2011

Granny is a pincushion!


Hello All.

So…where to begin?
This could be a long post.
Unless I get bored.

I went off to see sexy Doc yesterday morning.
I told him I wanted a vitamin B shot to give me some oomph.
He didn’t believe me.
For some reason he always feels he knows my body better than I do.
I told him I thought the ash was affecting me.
He laughed.

Just in passing I mentioned I had had a really bad pain in my right foot on Tuesday but it had fixed itself.
This seemed to interest him.
He sent me off for bloodtests and x’rays!
After studying the x’rays he decided I might have a blood clot that had gone to the lung.
He sent me off to see a pulmonologist…no idea if the spelling is right.
It will get worse.
The spelling.

This is where the fun began.
The lung guy was new to the practice.
He only joined three days previously.
He had no other patients.
He was going to make the most of me.

He questioned me on the health of my father, grandfather, greatgrandfather and Noah.
He filled a flipping book.
When he couldn’t think of anything more to ask me he said he was going to do a heart scan.
At his stage the other partner came to join the fun.
I had to strip to the waist while they argued over where to put discs.

There was a knock on the door and they gaily called “come in”
A woman came in who immediately apologised when she saw my state of undress.
They hastened to assure me she was also a doctor.
The senior partner’s  sister.
I am not sure if being a psychiatrist qualifies you to look at my boobs but what the hell.
I am quite proud of the girls.

Back to the scan.
They got very excited when they saw the results.
Apparently, my heart is not quite normal.
I would have been surprised if it was.
Nothing about me is “normal”
They decided sexy doc could be right about the clot.
More tests were called for.

I had to be admitted and then go for a CTscan.
But first more blood tests.
A vampire arrived and stuck a needle in my arm.
It hurt.
I couldn’t understand why.
Then she told me it was because she was taking the blood from an artery.
Something to do with blood gas.
I didn’t even know my blood had gas.
Then she took a whole lot more from my veins.

Then along came a nice guy and loaded me into a wheelchair and we whizzed off to the x’ray place.
Where they put ANOTHER damn needle in my arm.
This was to release a dye.
Did you know that this dye causes your fanny to have a hotflush?
Quite disconcerting.

To cut a long story short I did not have a blood clot.
Which was a good thing.
I believe.
What I DO have is much less romantic.
And here comes the spelling bit again.
Emphysema( I KNOW that is wrong but what the hell) you all know what I mean.
I go in on Wednesday for tests to see how bad it is.
And what treatment,if any, I need.

In conclusion they decided the ash has aggravated my lungs and made me feel ill.
I can’t wait to tell my Doc I was right.

I could tell you all about my night from hell in the hospital but…we would have nothing to talk about tomorrow.

I stop smoking when my packet is finished.
This post could become a bit grumpy!



  1. Yikes! shame Granny you have really been throught the mill. As for the smoking, it can be done, I am now two & a half years smoke free. Spend the money and get the patches, it really does take the edge off the craving, helped me no end. I only bought two weeks worth, by then I didn’t need them. Take care of yourself.

    • Hi Supa…did it last time cold turkey…will try the same again this time…now just to get my mind right!

  2. Eish, sorry to hear that, Granny. At least it was found out now so you can stop it from progressing.
    Best of luck with stopping – it can be done as Supa says.
    Sending soppy hugs.

    • Awwwwwww…thanks Madmom…soppy hugs are great!

  3. That’s a whole lot of needling. All the best on quitting.

    • Thanks Nzwaa…yes…I have two empty arms!!!

  4. Shame Granny. Not a nice experience you went through. Glad they diagnosed early. I also need to quit smoking…sigh! Hope you feel better soon.

    • Hello 40….such a senseless illness to get…so easily avoided by not smoking…self inflicted!!!

  5. I hope they get you fixed up soon and back to feeling great.
    Wishing you the best on quitting smoking. My husband & I quit smoking 4 months ago. I don’t think I could’ve made it alone. I think anyone quitting smoking needs to find a support group or person to help them stay motivated. It does make a difference.

    • Hi EC…I did it for a year last year and,except for the horrendous weight gain, I managed fine.

  6. I am at a loss for words. You take care of yourself.
    I know about emphysemia – my MIL has it.
    Hugs Granny

    • Hi MissChris…I am not too worried…I feel fine!

  7. Good Lord, Woman! What a scare!
    (Just explain to me please: the Americans call their bums fannies, which fanny are you talking about ref the hot flush?)

    • Hehehe Cindy…the SA fanny!!!

      • What is an SA fanny?

      • Ask Cindy!!!!!!

    • Hi MissChris…for some strange reason I can’t reply to your comment????

  8. Even in the face of challenges such as these, your sense of humor peeks through in delightful ways.

    Good luck quitting smoking. We’ll let you be a bit grumpy during the transition.

    • Hi NR…one has to laugh at life….I don’t know if you will see the difference when I am grumpy!!!

  9. Well I am glad they got to the bottom of it…good luck with the quitting. 10 years and change for me now!! So glad I quit. We are here for you if you need to let it out!! xo

    • Thanks Princess…you know me by now…I WILL be letting it out!!!

  10. holey moley, granny!
    I know of..1, 2…around 4 people who had emphysema!
    Best of luck on quitting!
    The best way to deal with the grumpiness is through writing it down, I think.

    • Hi Lorselle…they HAD it??? Have they kicked the bucket???

  11. eeek, well now you have to stop smoking

    I am so glad it;’s NOT a clot

    • I know Sidey….watch this space…it is not going to be pretty!

  12. I want to know what you told them about Noah.
    And blood gas? Seriously?!? Would Gas-X help that? 🙂
    I’m certainly glad there’s no blood clot.

    • Hi Dawn…I told them about the water on his knee.
      Yes, who knew about blood gas…not me!

  13. After all you went through being prodded and poked and needles stuck in you – then to be told you have emphysema – not good Granny, I’m sorry to hear this. My hubby has the condition; after many attempts to stop smoking, he finally achieved it and has been smoke free for just over 2 years now – he went cold turkey.
    At least you have found out in the early stages, so you have the chance to stop it getting any worse. Take care and hugs to you.

    • Thank you Barb…I will also do the cold turkey route…last time I quit i only really battled for the first three days…it is the weight gain I am dreading!

  14. Geesh, you poor thing, what an ordeal. I’m glad you came out swinging.You have made my case for me. This is why I do not see docto’s unless bleeding or unable to breathe. Because inevitably they will find something even if they have to create it, then you become a test rat and it turns out to be something else entirely which is usually what you told them in the first place…But we couldn’t possibly know our own bodies better than they know their book science, cos we just LIVE in our bodies whereas they STUDY BOOKS and know all.
    Oh, and for the record, yes, you did call a prior post depressing but it was the third separate blog that week to do so and I just felt like asserting my right to share all since if I left out the depressing stuff,I’d have to be writing about someone else’s life!
    BTW, Spooky likes her severed foot. I think this year I’ll get her an arm;)

    • Hi Morgue…not such an ordeal but I AM glad it is over….can’t wait to tell my Doc I told you so…
      Spooky is starting to scare me!!!!

  15. Granny, they didn’t have to do all the poking and prodding if they had just looked at your lungs first, done the CT scan and a spirometry test. Emphysema (COPD) is fairly common and often not diagnosed for years because the doctors don’t look for it.

    Just had a conversation this afternoon with my brother and his wife about my COPD. I know exactly how you feel and you will survive and make it through this. Good luck with quitting. 🙂

    • Hello Rose..I wonder why it isn’t picked up earlier….one would think doctors would be able to hear something…doctors have always told me my lungs sounded good.

      • They’re saying that often times it gets misdiagnosed as pneumonia. I had several bouts of it in the 90’s and not diagnosed with COPD until 2003.

        New studies are also showing that acid reflux may be connected to COPD. Something to think about.

        Another point, people with COPD burn more calories to do everything including breathing. 🙂

      • Hi Rose…Gosh what one can learn from blogging.
        What does COPD stand for?
        I like the idea of burning more calories!!!!
        I am going to phone a friend now…she had pneumonia in December….quite possible she has it too….hmmmm…she is very outspoken…might tell me to go and get fumigated!!

  16. Okay, Granny – I’m ready. I got the curse filter working so keep those blogs coming! 🙂

    • Good Morning Souldipper….curse filter…lol…think Mex would would like one of those for here!

  17. Oh Granny, I’m SO sorry to hear that diagnosis. BUT – maybe that ash was a blessing in disguise – now they can attack the problem and you can stop smoking – I bet that puts a little more oomph in your step! So glad you don’t have a clot, though.

    I can’t stand needles; they completely freak me out. Never had blood drawn from an artery, and now I pray I won’t have to! Maybe they took so much blood to make room for the dye LOL!

    I don’t believe your posts can be grumpy – grumpy humor, maybe, but never just plain grumpy! Nothing can stop a wonderful sense of humor like yours!

    Stay strong Gran! You’ll be in my prayers.

    • Hello RD….don’t worry love…I am fine…really.
      Stopped about two hours ago.
      Watch this space!

  18. Hey Granny, COPD = Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. I have several links on one of my blog postings where you can find out more about it. 🙂

    • Thank you Rose…I figured out the last two words…the only words coming to mind for the first two were crazy and old!

      • heheheheheheheheheheheheheh
        You really got me laughing on that one!! 😉

  19. Hi Granny I am sitting here crying after reading redneckprincess post about her friends husband with cancer so I thought I would pop along to your blog as your topic heading intrigued me.
    Sure enough, although you are not well you made me laugh out loud with your comment “Did you know that this dye causes your fanny to have a hotflush?” So I am now crying and laughing at the same time 🙂 Think it’s time for a cup of Tea and some more of Rose’s Dutch coffee cake! I froze a batch for moments such as these…
    Hope your illness does not prove to be serious…
    Kind regards,

    • Hello Piglet….am quite sure anything I might have is very minor.
      I popped over to Redneck but didn’t see the sad post…am not going to look for it…I am a sympathy crier….really don’t want to cry tonight.
      I love that you are so sympathetic.
      A big cyber hug to you!

    • Sometimes laughing through the tears is just the best thing 🙂 Thank you for caring PIP….and Granny, I don’t want to make you cry either…group hug for everyone!!! No tears….

      • Group hug…I love it!!!

  20. I’m catching up on my favorite blogs tonight. Yikes, Granny … what an ordeal. my wife had a blood clot in her lung a year ago and she’ll probably be on blood thinners for life. It was very scary. I wish you luck on quitting the cigarettes … can you use a patch or something to make it a little easier? Take car e of yourself ….

    • Hey Bud…does your wife smoke?

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