Posted by: granny1947 | February 3, 2011

Granny is battling

Good Morning Everyone.

I thought I had better report in.
Just in case you thought I had shuffled off this mortal coil.
I didn’t post yesterday.
Damn does this mean I lose the post a day challenge?
I hate to lose.
How about I post twice today?

I dragged myself down to the beach this morning.
What a sunrise.
The sea was like a ginormous lake.
Not a wave in sight.

We are expecting 33 degrees today.
And I am at home.
No air conditioning.
I am being kind to myself today.
Giving myself one more day to get over this damn bug(or whatever the hell it is)
I have a theory as to why I feel so damn awful.
Look at this next photo.

It is a bit dark, I know.
The white stuff on the mountain side.
That is ash.
Tons of ash.
Sitting there waiting.
Waiting for me to clean the layer of ash on every surface of my house.
Waiting to come down and deposit another layer as soon as I have finished.
I think I am allergic to the stuff!

I believe they are expecting 300km an hour gales in Australia.
We had 50km wind last night.
I can’t even imagine what 300km winds are like.
They must be terrifying.
We have a thirty percent chance of rain.
Hell I hope we get some.
It might just dampen down the ash.
Or the wind will just blow mud in.
Be careful what you wish for!

We had temps of 23 degrees last NIGHT.
For me 23 degrees is a perfect day temperature.
Have the weather gods gone crazy!

So…now you have had a whole boring post on the weather conditions in our little village.
Sorry guys.
When one has spent the last day asleep nothing else springs to mind.

Have a super day.


  1. Hope you are getting better, and the rain would really help settle the ash, wouldn’t it?

    • Hello Sidey…it would settle the ash but the humidity will be something else!

  2. Sorry you are still under the weather (pun intended) get better soon.

    • Thanks Supa…tired of being tired!

  3. I live in Queensland and have just lived through Cyclone Yasi with winds of 300km an hour – not a great experience. The noise was thunderous and terrifying, screaming sounds of trees being ripped out of the ground and tossed around like matchsticks.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    • OMW Barb….how awful….was your house ok?
      Have the floods also been in your part of the world?

  4. Oh Gran, I hope you feel better soon! How miserable, especially in such heat. I don’t doubt for a moment that you’re having a reaction to the ash – or even an after-effect to all the chemicals they spray, if they used any of that in addition to the water (they do here, it’s nasty looking stuff). Has Jasmine had any coughing issues from all that ash?

    Gorgeous sunrise picture!

    • Hello RD…no Jasmine is fine and so is Mex…just me…damnit!!!

  5. Hi Granny I hate dusting! Don’t envy you.

    • Hehehe Piglet…I am not doing it anymore….waste of time.

  6. Ash -> Ack!

    Feel better soon.

    • Thanks NR…not that I AM coughing yet.

  7. It sounds like life is a big mess right now and I think you may be right about the ash & dust making you sick. Bless your heart. Sending out positive thoughts and hugs to you.

    • Thank you so much EC…hugs are always good…the temp is nearly thirty and it is 6.00pm!!!

  8. It was raining on Tandy and Chantelle’s side of the boerie curtain this afternoon, hopefully some came your way?

    • Not a drop but it looks very promising for a storm

  9. Get well soon Granny…

    we have pretty brutal wind where I live sometimes too, but I also couldn’t even imagine 300km an hour winds, how do you even get ready for that…yikes 😐

    • Yikes indeed Princess!

  10. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Lovely picture of the beach. I dream of such places. We often get 50k winds here, sometimes higher, but I CANNOT imagine 300k winds! I hope everyone there is okay. Liked your ups and downs post of yesterday — great way to gain perspective. take care,


    • Hi KLRS …me neither…hope I never experience winds like that!!!

  11. What a response from Barb, Granny. You’re right – this whole weird weather thing. Here I am in Canada in sunshine, green grass and no snow and my friends along the Eastern Seaboard of N. America are suffering terribly in major snow storms.

    But Australia – omigod. I have really been thinking of them a lot. Nature sure as hell is boss.

    Hope that ash gets watered down into some useful fertilizer!

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