Posted by: granny1947 | January 28, 2011

Granny and Friday fun.

Good Morning All.

The sea was quite rough this morning.
So the surfers were out in full force.

A nice young jogger stopped to pat Jasmine.
Big mistake.
If you acknowledge Jasmine she becomes your best friend.
She immediately wanted to kiss him on the face.
He had to scratch her back and chest to calm her down.
She is shedding.
When he got home he would have discovered hair in the palm of his hands.
He might have had a moment of panic.

I have a feeling that,if a would be mugger, made friends with Jasmine, she would HELP him take my camera.
Lots of punctuation marks in that sentence.
Have a feeling they are all in the wrong place.

The first pic was taken when I arrived at the beach.
This one was as I was leaving.
Amazing the difference in light in twenty minutes.

This damn wind is driving me insane.
When I got home,last night, I went to put the catfood in the breadbox.
The bread I keep in the fridge.
It’s complicated, I know.
The metal breadbox was covered in a layer of dust.
For me to even notice that you must know how bad it was.
Before I could sit down with a glass of wine I had to do some cleaning.
This weekend I had better put my glasses on and check the whole house.

Now I need to get on with my work.

Have a great day.

I think that, if you put words on your post like orgasm, pornography and penis you get a lot of perverts visiting.
Wish I could see the look on their faces when they realise this is just the post of an old granny.
Evil cackle!!!


  1. You’re so right, Gran. Maybe if you add a word or two your readership will REALLY take off!

    • Hi Adee…how are you doing love?

  2. What a wicked old crone you are! *cackles along with Granny*

    • Birds of a feather Supa????

  3. I replied to you about H-L dream on my blog….must be getting old… ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the day….love you

    • That makes two of us…love you too.

  4. so you are looking for an audience of pervs? I’m sure we can advertise for you……..

    • what can I say Sidey…my life is so dull?
      And certain people keep getting scrabbles…sigh

  5. Another one who doesn’t use the breadbox for bread. My mom did the same thing but not catfood, just other kitchen things.

    • Hello Rose…had to stop using it for bread when Jasmine learned to climb on the kitchen counter and open it with her nose!

  6. Having internet trouble today; I keep getting booted so I’ll just say thanks for the morning chuckle! I’m having a houseful of guests Saturday and Sunday, so I’ll be cleaning heavily today too. Yuck. Always a price to pay for fun!!

    • Hi RD…so that means we won’t be seeing you over the weekend…damn!

      • You are too kind!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Make sure you fill a glass before you put your glasses on …
    orgasm, pornography and penis
    orgasm, pornography and penis
    orgasm, pornography and penis

    • Hehehe Cindy….didn’t get inundated with pervs so my theory doesn’t work!

  8. Love the change that even a few minutes makes in our perspective.

    And thanks for all the chuckles!
    Especially the evil cackle at the end.

    “I have a feeling that,if a would be mugger, made friends with Jasmine, she would HELP him take my camera.” ~ I only see one extraneous comma, the one after “mugger.”

    BTW: If a would be mugger appears on the scene ~ make sure he’s an actual pervert before you start bandying about words like orgasm, pornography and penis. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Enjoy your day.

    • Hello NR…I don’t usually bandy those words around with strangers…not often anyway!

  9. I certainly notice that I get more hits on the post if I use porn words…hehehehe…maybe we are onto something here? I love your beach…the waves reminded me of Ucluelet ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day!!

    • Hello Princess…I love my beach too!!!!!

  10. I wonder what would happen if you included orgasm, pornography and penis in a recipe post granny?.

    • Hehehe Piglet..confusion would reign.

  11. I just cracked up over the comment from Piglet!! Go for it, Granny!!

    By gawd, if the pornos don’t pick you up on this post, they never will!

    • they didn’t…think they have learned their lesson!

  12. […] It has come to me that I need to inject a little sauce into my posts. As my beloved friend, granny1947, said the other day, some naughty words may get me lots of traffic. […]

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