Posted by: granny1947 | January 26, 2011

Granny and the pong

Good Morning All.

The beach was not an option this morning.
Cold and windy.
So, as promised, a new venue.
We went down to the point.
What an eye-opener.
The bird life was prolific.
And very noisy.
Jasmine was besides herself with joy at all the new smells.

We saw two of these.

I believe they are called Blacksmith Plovers.
They make such a strange noise.
Like metal being hit with a small hammer.
Interesting for five minutes and then a bit irritating.

The two of them stayed about fifteen feet from me.
After five minutes the penny dropped.
The were people watching!
I didn’t see their cameras but I am sure they had one.
They probably went back to their mates and said “look what we saw today”
Look at that hair.
You can see she doesn’t preen.

We also saw two Egyptian Geese.
They are always in pairs.
A couple of Oyster catchers.
And loads of birds I can’t name.

Jasmine found a piece of kelp that looked like a hoof.
She INSISTED on bring it back with her.
My car now has a really delightful odour.

The daily tip today is:

Who are the three funniest people in the world? Who are the three funniest people you know personally?

I am stumped.
I find I can’t name one.
Oh there are loads of comedians who make me laugh.
I just can’t remember their names.

Ones I know personally?

My elder son.
He can be VERY funny.
Also extremely annoying.

My late Dad was very funny.


I am beginning to dislike these tips.
They put me under pressure.

Have a great day all.



  1. I think you’d fit into the “funniest person” category, even though we’re half a world away and we’ve never met. Other than that, I wouldn’t want to name any others so I don’t make anyone feel bad for being left out!

    LOVE the bird story and photos!

    • Awwwwww RD…you make me blush girl!!!

  2. LOL @ people watching.
    I don’t know your son (or late dad) but I agree about Lyndatjie.
    Hope the smell goes away soon.

    • Hi Cindy…I am getting used to the smell…it is growing on me!

  3. the reason they are called blcaksmith plovers is the sound

    so glad you have a smelly car, makes me feel not so bad about my dirty one

    • Hehehe Sidey…misery loves company!

  4. Bird watching is such fun, especially at the beach.

    I’ve been getting the prompts each day, but only two have prompted me to write about the suggested subject matter.

    I didn’t care for today’s prompt. There is no such thing as the three funniest people in the world. It’s much more subjective than that.

    If someone makes me laugh . . . YAY!
    If they don’t, I’ll try to make them laugh. 😀


    • hehehe…I like the way you think NR.

  5. He is very funny…see you later…*mwah*

    • And a big MWAH to you too love.

  6. You’re funny, too!
    Your son must’ve gotten it from you?

    Oh and I agree, the dailypost tips is giving me headaches. :-s
    But I cannot even suggest any topic that is remotely interesting. So I make the most out of it. LOL

    • Come to think of it…haven’t seen a tip for today…will just have to wing it.

  7. Stunning picture, Granny! The cloud drape is just grand.

    Who cares about naming ‘funny’ people – I adore people who can laugh at themselves. It’s such a sign of good mental health! You have me in stitches at times, Granny, because you are so willing to just be you.

    You kick life in the butt very well. 😀

    • such a sweet thing to say…thank you Souldipper.

  8. hi granny, i’m exploring your blog this evening and really enjoying. very beautiful birds in this one.. and breathtaking landscape ;o)

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