Posted by: granny1947 | January 22, 2011

Granny’s Saturday…so far

Good Morning Everyone.

OK…question number one.
Why does the above pic look smaller than the usual ones I post?
I took this on the way to have lunch with a friend,yesterday.
Cape Town is just amazing.
Incredible beauty wherever you go.

My DIL came around this morning.
To have a massage from my next door neighbour.
I played babysitter to my 6year old granddaughter and the five year old son of the neighbour.
It was entertaining.

I decided to take them down to the beach even though the weather didn’t look too promising.
Kids don’t sound quite so loud out in the open.
On the way down the 5 year old warned the 6year old to be careful of Buzzlebees on the beach.
I asked him what they were and he replied they are invisible bees but they can still sting you.
He has a great imagination.

He is also going to be a boy scout.
He brought a jacket with.
He brought a water bottle with.
He came prepared.
After five minutes the jacket was too warm and he didn’t want to carry the bottle.
So I tied the bottle onto his back with the jacket.
I wasn’t going to carry anything.

Halfway back to the car he realised he had lost the bottle.
So back we went.
We found it right at the end of the beach and started back.
At which point Jasmine decided she wanted to play.
She grabbed the bottle from him and took off down the beach with the three of us in hot pursuit.
She didn’t puncture the bottle.
But is does have a couple of tooth marks now.
Jasmine thought it was great fun.
I wasn’t quite that enthusiastic.

Jasmine was so excited to have TWO little people to boss around she scratched my leg.
It is about two feet long.
Oh alright…it is about three inches long.
But it DOES sting.
And it DID bleed.

Now I have to get back to Facebook.
I am playing FIVE different games of scrabble.
My brain might just explode!

Have a great weekend.


  1. love reading your posts, thanks for sharing.

    • Hello My Love…are you still blogging? I miss you!

  2. It sounds like Jasmine and the kids had some great fun! Are you learning some new words playing Scrabble? Why not share them with us? 🙂

    • Hello Rose…there have been some fascinating words…I will have to make a note of some of them…Supagran came up with FID today…think I must ask her to put it in a sentence!!!!

  3. For a minute there I thought you were trying to tell us your leg is only 3 inches long … enjoy the scrabble (Mind Melanie, she cheats ;p )

    • I am enjoying the scrabble.Thanks for the warning!!!!

    • you can’t cheat at scrabble.

      • Hehehe Sidey…I know!

  4. Grandbabes and puppydogs make the best smiles and extra fun during an outing. There’s never a dull moment. lol

    I’m sorry about your leg. I hope it heals quickly. Take care. 🙂

    • Good Morning EC…you have that right…just love listening to the two of them chatting away…they are hilarious.

  5. What a fantastic day on the beach with the kids & your dog…., hope that scratch mends quick fast 🙂

    • Good Morning Anna and welcome…thank you so much for popping in….my first AU visitor(that I am aware of)
      The scratch is still stinging for some reason….good thing I have another leg!

  6. Hey there Gran! I don’t usually go near the computer on weekends (since I work on it all week long, I like to stay clear of it on weekends!), but I came on to get directions and thought I’d check email. I couldn’t resist reading your post – those pics are spectacular! The Cape Town shot looks like a postcard, and the picture of the two cuties on the beach is SO sweet!

    FIVE scrabble games going at once??!! Yikes!! Sounds like work to me LOL! 🙂

    • Good Morning RD…I am so glad you popped in…it makes my day when I see you on my comments.
      The scrabble is not too bad….people take hours to put in a word….something I am struggling to get used to.
      I,also, loved the pic of the kids!

  7. Fabulous post, Granny…good for Jasmine. Nothing like playing ‘silly buggar’ on the beach with two kids.

    I have this sinking feeling that Scrabble could steal you away. Nooooooo!

    • Not a chance Souldipper…not a chance!

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