Posted by: granny1947 | January 21, 2011

Granny’s Frightful Friday feelings

Hello All.
Said in very hushed tones.
I am fragile this morning.
Very fragile.
I have a hangover.
A collective gasp from all over the world.
A granny with a hangover.

In my defence….I have a very weak head for alcohol.
I usually have a couple of glasses of very light,low alcohol wine in the evenings.
Last night I had run out of the light stuff.
I had two glasses of red wine.
The full Monty stuff.

I would have been ok except that my DIL came to visit at eight o’clock.
She FORCED me to open a bottle of red wine.
She held my nose and made me drink two more glasses.
Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it.

After she left I sat down at my computer and had a game of Scrabble with Sideview on FB.
The first time I have done this.
It was great fun.
She beat me but it was a very close game.
I could become addicted.
She will have to watch out when I am sober.
Which will be for the rest of my life after the way I felt this morning.

As I downloaded the above picture(which is not great) a little red box popped up to say I don’t have permission to do that!!!
What the hell are they talking about?
What have I done?

Where was I?
Short attention span here.

Oh yes…despite the headache I took Jasmine down to the beach.
Warned her that if she barked in my ear I WAS going to throw her out the car.
She is a bright dog.
She kept very quiet.

Walking on the beach with your feet in the freezing Atlantic is a cure for a hangover.
I wonder if I can patent it?

Have a great day all.


  1. Shame, hope the day passes quickly and you can get home and have a hair-of-the-dog.

    • Perish the thought Cindy!!!!

  2. So now I know why I won!

    OK so I can expect to be beaten all the time now.

    I have started another game and one with you, Thea and I.

    • Hi sidey…great..will look tonight.
      And, no….I reckon you will be winning the most games…I don’t have the patience to work out all those wonderful words.

  3. MORNING GRANNY!!!!! 🙂

    I will send you an invite to play as well.

    • That will be great Supa…thank you!

  4. If the cold is what cures you, come scrape my windshield and attempt to start my car. It’s NEGATIVE 7 F today! I don’t know what that translates into in Celsius but trust me…It’s nearly 40 degrees below the freezing point! It’s very,um, sobering, although it kind of makes you want a drink to warm up your insides.

    • Hi Morgue…you can have cold like that…we don’t know that sort of temperature….don’t think I could handle it!!!

  5. Just giving a gentle little teehee this side. Don’t want to raise the hangover headache which I am sure must have settled by now…not very nice of that mean and nasty DIL to force feed you some of the full bodied red stuff. Hehe.. I had a laugh when I saw you playing scrabble with Sidey. When the indaba is over and I have more time on my hands then you and I can play…I don’t think I have ever won a game….yet! Have a grand weekend. Hugs xx PS My cellphone broke at the beginning of this week and I have lost all my info…please call me or sms me sometime so I can get your number again xx

    • Oh and ps….this is me, browniegirl in case you are wondering LOL! Forgot that I was signed in as the alter ego fbi2011….I am too nervous to logout in case I cant get back into the blog!! xx

    • Hi col…I wondered who you were…
      Will sms you just now…wondered why you never answered my message!!!

      • You sent me a message?? Oh dear…mustve been after the phone died. Sorry granny!! xx

      • It was nothing serious Colleen…all sorted…hope to see you soon!

  6. I’m a lightweight with alcohol too, Gran. And once that hangover hits, it’s never worth it to do it again…..until next time…. lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi RD…so we are both party poopers!!!

  7. I see nothing wrong with a granny who enjoys the fruit-of-the-vine from time-to-time. I hope your headache goes away lickity-split. Walking on the beach seems like it would be heavenly. Go lay down and kick back and rest awhile. Hope you feel better soon 😉

    • Hello EC…the headache is history…I feel a anp attack coming on but first I should do a post.

  8. Hi Granny – I’ve just gone through five of your posts. Ye Gads – either I’m more behind than I thought or you have become prolific!! Even with a hang-over! Loved all those photos. What a grand deal that I ran into you – I get to have my Cape Town fixes with great humour besides. Awful to go through that dismissal. Laughed at the visual of your other staff…but sometimes a large plank on the behind like that does wonders.

    • Hello Souldipper…nope…it must be you….am still just doing one post a day! The next one is in the oven.

  9. Older Eyes prefers scotch. No hangovers. (He he)

    • Hi Bud…I don’t like the taste of scotch …unless it is in coffee…maybe I should try to acquire the taste!

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