Posted by: granny1947 | January 19, 2011

Granny’s Wednesday waffle

Good Morning All.

If I didn’t visit your posts last night, please forgive me.
I fell into bed at half past eight.
Didn’t even watch the cricket.
Which was just as well.
We lost.
I take these things personally.

So my guy got fired yesterday.
It was dreadful.
The sole breadwinner.
He has aids.
He will drink away his pension money.
Why do people have to be so damn stupid?

The rest of my staff got a granny tirade this morning.
I hadn’t prepared anything.
I just went on a roll.(much like my posts)
I warned them about drinking on the job.
About the million people who lost their jobs last year.
About cherishing the fact they have a job.
They are all walking around me on eggshells.

Men and women are so different.
Well, Mex and I are so different.
His son phoned him this morning and they were talking about cars.
Mex,recently, bought a new Polo Viva.
A white one.
He ONLY buys white or silver.
Like most of the cars in Cape Town.
White and silver everywhere.
When I bought a bright yellow car he was horrified.
But….I never have to hunt for my car at the mall.

His new car is back at the dealers.
For the second time.
It has a rattle.
A tiny rattle.
I battled to even hear it.
The rattle increases with the temperature.
But it is still a tiny rattle.
They have had to take the whole dashboard out.
Several times.
Good Lord my car is full of rattles.
Loud rattles.
Keys, coins, grandkid’s toys.
Turn the damn radio up.
The moral of the story is:
NEVER sell anything to Mex.

His new cellphone is another whole post.

Now…back to work.

Have a super day.


  1. I’ve been scarce also, been with the dudes.
    Himself has a gold car, I have a silver one………..what does that tell you?

    • Uhm…no comment…I am scared of your knitting needles and your zimmer!!!!
      Good to see you Supa!

  2. we are so different. Men are odd.

    Glad the staff have realised that not all jobs are guarenteed.

    i feel so sorry for the man’s family, but what can one do. you wonder what he thought he was doing, maybe he wants to die

    • Oh God Sidey…I hope not….wouldn’t wish that sort of depression on anyone.

  3. Wednesday Waffle! LOL 🙂
    WE could have Moaning Monday, Foodie Friday, Sexy Saturday…hmmm what else?

    • A silly Sunday, A tedious Tuesday?
      You have a thrilling Thursday Piglet!

  4. I’m always leery about letting mechanics take my dashboard apart; the rattle would have to be shaking my eardrums for me to allow that. Years ago, I took my car in for a dashboard rattle and got it back with all kinds of issues. That poor car was never the same again. Hope it goes better for Mex!

    What a shame that that employee’s addiction was more important to him than his family and his income. It’s so sad.

    Well take heart – we’re heading round the corner – Friday is on its way! 🙂

    • Good Morning RD….I agree…I would have put up with the tiny rattle just to save the inconvenience.
      Friday….I can’t wait!

  5. Beautiful reflections….I saw a website photo competition that is specifically for reflection photos…

    • Well DIL…point me in their direction!!

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