Posted by: granny1947 | January 18, 2011

Granny’s tetchy Tuesday

Good Morning All.

A stunning walk on the beach this morning.
All pink and hazy when I arrived.
No wind and no clouds.
Hard to believe that most of the rest of the country is bracing themselves for floods.

Jasmine was in her element.
Raced around like a dog on speed.
Maybe I should start eating seaweed too?
One of these days I am going to have to break the news to her that she is not a puppy anymore.

So…the disciplinary hearing took place this morning.
The verdict will be given at two o’clock.
I hate all this so much.
On the positive side the rest of the staff are working like Trojans.
What does that mean?
Were the Trojans hardworking?
All I know about them is they built a horse.

The blogging tip today was something about hope.
It is on my home computer and I am too lazy to look it up now.
Also, it sounded a bit complicated.
To me hope is a bit of a cop out.
I do,however, believe in dreams.
Is there a difference?
One says  “I hope I get a promotion”.
Bulldust…go out work hard and fight for it.
Maybe I have it all wrong.

During the hearing I had a swig of coffee.
Spilt it down the front of my white T.shirt.
I now have a wet, cold chest.
Thought you all needed to know that.
The granny version of a wet T.shirt competition.

And now…there is plate of oats with my name on it.

Have a marvellous day.



  1. Aaah what a disappointment – thought there would be a photo of the wet T-shirt! Flaker!

    • What can I say Adee…I am SO modest!!!

  2. “Trojan originally referred to the inhabitants of Troy, the ancient city besieged by the Greeks in their efforts to retrieve their queen, Helen, who had been abducted by the son of the King of Troy. According to legend, as recorded in both Vergil’s ‘Aeneid’ and Homer’s ‘Illiad,’ the Trojans were a hard-working, determined, industrious people. Hence: ‘He worked like a Trojan.” From “Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins” by William and Mary Morris (HarperCollins, New York, 1977, 1988).

    ps: I got the contract YAY!

    • Wonderful news Cindy…I am SO happy for you!!!

  3. Isn’t that always the way? If you were wearing a coffee-colored shirt, nothing would have happened. Food/drink with color only targets WHITE clothes, and only when you’re in public and can’t do anything about it. It’s Murphy’s Law at its best.

    Those pics are STUNNING Granny! I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t help it – that top one should be in a travel brochure!

    • Thanks so much RD…I was blown away this morning…didn’t know which shots to put on my post…it was SUCH a stunning morning.

  4. Good philosophy on the hope thing – hard work all round. I do dream though that one I might come back as my boss and he can come back as me – goody, goody 😉 As always, fabulous pictures.

    • Hello Bandsmoke…I suppose I could have given it more thought but work was so hectic!

  5. Beaaaautiful pics granny! Now where are the pics of the coffeewet t-shirt??? Spoil sport!

    • What can I say MissChris…I am chicken!!!

  6. The top pic is truly stunning.It is cold and VERY wet in Jhb.They are predicting more of the same for at least another week!

    • I,truly, feel for you bb….so stunning here.

  7. lol I enjoyed your post. I agree hard work is usually the reigning factor to reaching ones goals. 😉
    Great photos and that Jasmine is a peach! 🙂

    • Good Morning EC…Jasmine is the light of my life…just adore her.

  8. Love the beach pics…there is an almost a pinky glow. Is that the sunrise or my PC? don’t think I’ve been up early enough to see the sunrise 🙂

    • Hehehe Piglet…no it is not your pc…it WAS all pink…a few minutes before the sun popped over the mountains.

  9. PS I found often the people who were promoted were the ones with brown tongues and knew how to play the corporate game The ones who worked the hardest had their nose to the grindsonte…so did not notice the game being played 😦

    • This is true Piglet…that is why I say you have to fight for what you want.

      • I was one who had their nose down on the grindstone…and never noticed the picture. 😦 You have to be prepared to fight your corner if you want to get on.

        You do have to fight for what you want!

      • Hello Piglet…right…nothing comes easy in life unless you work for the goverment!

  10. that first picture would make a lovely post card. if you believe you’ll get a promotion — you will. honestly believe — it works! from the sounds of things you work plenty hard, so the reality is you more than likely deserve it a hundred times over. have a nice Wednesday — hope the flooding spares you. We’re up to our eyeballs in snow right at the moment, but have a couple of wonky days of high temps and winds, so that situation might change drastically. take care,


    • Good Heavens KLRS…a promotion at my stage of life would be a miracle….just need to get through the next year and hopefully they will offer me a contract for a while longer.

  11. Granny, your Wednesday Waffle post seems to have disappeared. It was in my inbox but when I tried to reply, it says Page Not Found. Maybe you could re-post it?

    • Hello RD…I think you should see it now.

  12. Tetchy – there’s another word to add to my arsenal. Don’t tell Jasmine that’s she’s not a puppy – it could be a shock to her and then we wouldn’t have fabulous pics of her playing on the beach. I am behind and trying to figure why your work is being disciplined. Suffice it to say that I’m sorry.

    • hello Blogbrarian…I didn’t know we used so many words you guys don’t know over there…..glad to be adding to your vocabulary…I’ll try to keep them clean!

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