Posted by: granny1947 | January 17, 2011

Granny’s mad Monday

Good Afternoon All.

What a day.
And it is not over yet.

I woke up this morning and remembered I had a disciplinary hearing to attend.
I was supposed to go over the procedure over the weekend.
Never gave it a thought.
Rushed through our walk and headed for work early.
Got everything ready for my staff and then studied the procedures.
And then….the guy never pitched for work.
He didn’t phone in either.
Another contravention.
He had better be dead.
Or he is in serious trouble.

At twelve I rushed through to the bank to cash in my 20euros.
Payday can’t get here quick enough.
The pay out was R175-00 but the bank took R50-00.
It is not just the goverment who screw you in this country.

Then, this morning, I got an e-mail to say we were having a firedrill at two o’clock.
I read it.
I digested it.
And promptly forgot all about it.
I was upstairs when the alarm went off.
As I am a marshall and have to wear a bright jacket and make sure everyone is out this was not the place to be.
I had to scamper downstairs(Grannies really don’t do fast movement well)
Find my sexy jacket and the rollcall form.
Everyone got to the meeting point before me!
Some of my staff complained they couldn’t hear the alarm properly.
As most of them walk around with earphones their complaints are not being taken too seriously.
By me, anyway.

And now it is back to the grindstone.
Enjoy the rest of the day.



  1. The bank took R50? Shocking 😦

    • Hi cindy…think I should go onto Hellopeter but,of course, that won’t help!

  2. Can I see a pic of you in this sexy jacket? Ok,you don’t do post pics of yourself, that’s cool. Put it on Jasmine! I wanna see something orange that is sexy. Wait…This is one of those Granny humor things,right? Like the caring supportive man who makes a woman feel good about herself?
    But since you were talking about fire drills, it made me think of a story to tell you. Back in 2001, my old apartment building caught fire. I was sick at the time and awoke to a bunch of firemen in my apartment hollering that I had to get out now. I of course refused to leave until I had my cat in my arms. I overpowered two burly firefighters and located that cat, only then did I let them guide me to safety.
    A girl I worked with later told me that her ex husband was one of those firefighters and I was apparently the talk of the firehouse for awhile as that crazy lady who wouldn’t leave a burning building without her cat.
    I don’t think they were wearing sexy orange jackets,maybe that’s why I wasn’t swayed by them.;)

    • Hi Morgue…you crack me up…the jacket is yellow…did I say orange?
      Love that you wouldn’t go without your cat…would do the same for Jasmine but I think Tom would get away on his own.
      Cats are so clever….mind you Jasmine was clever enough to know not to tangle with the baboon.

  3. Gee, Gran, you just can’t win can you? R50 from R175 – disgusting!

    • Hello Adee…so nice to see you back.
      Are you fully recovered?

  4. Wow all that happened already and your day’s not over YET??!! Yikes! I must say, though – rough days make for really funny reading in Granny’s world! (Love the photos, by the way, especially the second one – really gorgeous!)

    • Hello RD….I will be driving VERY carefully over the mountain just now…have had enough for one day…there is a glass of wine calling to me.

  5. Hi granny. Banks are a complete ripoff these days. Extorting money from old ladies! Disgusting. LOL @ the Marshall being late for the fire drill. ;-> Hugs xx

    • hello AD…I agree…I was more than a little annoyed!

  6. Yep, sounds like a mad hectic Monday to me. I hope you have a chance to relax and unwind this evening. You deserve it! 🙂

    • Good Morning EC…went to bed far too late and my staff are suffering for it today!!!

  7. I think we might be related 🙂

    • Good Morning Princess…I think you might just be right!!!

  8. That was not exactly a monday one would wish for, dear Granny. I sincerely hope the rest of your week will be better.
    I just love your beach-fotos!
    ♥ Grethe

    • Hello Former Granny1947….nope and tuesday wasn’t much better…tomorrow will be much better…I hope!!!

      • Oh wow…I said HOPE!!!

  9. So glad my days of fire drills are behind me… 🙂 I can’t be doing with all the hassle anymore and office Politics and all theis PC (policitcal correctness)stuff now.
    Give me a lovely sand beach in beautiful surroundings…magic

    I love your beach

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