Posted by: granny1947 | January 15, 2011

Granny has another laugh

Good Morning All.
And I mean morning.
It is a quarter to three in the morning in this part of the world.
What am I doing awake?
I have no cooking clue.
Thank heavens it is Saturday so I don’t have to drag myself off to work.
Well, my staff can be glad it is Saturday.
I don’t do well on lack of sleep.

Before I tell you about my laugh a little bit of background.
For my new blogging friends.
I live with Mex( menopausal ex)
Don’t ask.
Mex is retired so he stays at home.

Mex is not brave.
Well, he might be very brave if the house caught fire.
However, when it comes to creepy crawlies, he is really a bit of a wimp.
We have tins of insect spray, in strategic spots, all over the house.

He sprays spiders.
Even though I have warned him that angry mates might come looking for revenge.
He sprays any unsuspecting bugs that might wander in.
He doesn’t like frogs.
And,for some reason I have not been able to fathom, he is terrified of gheckos.
I, on the other hand, love them and have been known to give them names.

Today he was sitting in the lounge.
Watching Tv.
And minding his own business.
Suddenly a huge baboon, with a baby on its back, walked past him and into the kitchen!
We have a small open plan lounge and kitchen.
It jumped up onto the kitchen counter and proceeded to eat an apple from the fruit bowl.

Mex, armed with the insect spray, followed it.
Yelled at it to leave.
It ignored him and ate another apple.
I have NO idea what he thought the tin of spray would do.
But it made him feel better.

Jasmine was bristling and barking.
But she wasn’t going too close either.
The baboon,eventually, took the rest of the apples, strolled out the door and jumped onto the roof.
Where it finished off the apples in peace.

God I wish I had been here.


  1. Seriously? A baboon with baby in tow? A BABOON? The mex is lucky, I woulda loved that cos I love critters,domestic and wild and exotic and tamed. I’d have invited it for lunch! What’s wrong with that man? I wish such interesting things happened to me! As it is, I’m sour because we live in city limits thus no cloven hooved animals and my dream of having a pygmy goat as a pet is crushed. If I could, I would live surrounded by nothing but the creepy crawlies and various other critters. Man, I have serious envy of you guys now. All that ever comes to our door are bloody religious groups looking to recruit and you get a baboon!

    • What can I say Morgue…we are blessed!
      Having said that…baboons can be very scary…have you seen the teeth on those things?
      You dream of having a goat?
      I don’t want to dash your dreams but I once had two kid goats….do you know how painful it is if one of those things step on your toes!!!
      I also,once, got between a cow and her calf….She had twins and I was carrying one out to her when my poodle got between us…the cow went for the dog,missed, and caught me on the jaw with her horn…I saw stars…whole constellations of them.

  2. No dreams dashed here. I grew up with a pet goat. My grandfather had livestock, horses, chickens, you name it, even a Llama,so I’m more than fine with whatever abuse they can dole out. Beats having some rude Christmas shopping human run your foot over with a shopping cart!

    • Ok…you’ve got me there…animals are much nicer….I do draw the line at snakes though.
      And now I am going back to bed.

  3. Just another day in Kommetjie, hey?
    At least it was just the apples, we had a couple use our Glencairn house as a toilet. Not nice.

    • Morning Cindy….yes…just imagine if he had turned right into the bedroom and got cornered?

  4. What a story! I remember signs in Cape Town at outside restaurants warning us about their appearance. I didn’t know whether that was a threat or not – and none showed up. So the little beggars bite…hmmm.

    My mother decided she was going to raise goats when I was child. Of course, she had her kids all lined up to look after these cursed creatures. They ate everything. They climbed on everything including my father’s car. They smelled to high heaven. The final death warrant was when they ate the Sunday Lemon Meringue Pie that Dad had been drooling over the whole day. Silly mother put it on a window sill to cool!

    • Oh Hell yes Souldipper…if you corner them they can give you a bad bite…they have huge teeth.
      Lemon meringue pie….oh boy that sure sounds good.

  5. He followed it?? Followed a baboon with a baby – he is braver than he lets on, or…..
    I would have run like hell!!

    • hi MissChris…I think it was a male babysitting!

  6. I’m not surprised you had a laugh, granny. It conjures up a very funny picture in my mind too. Do you keep Mex around as a bit of comic relief? Have a great weekend. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD…no…he has other uses too!!!

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