Posted by: granny1947 | January 13, 2011

Granny’s Thursday thoughts

Good Morning All.

If you rushed over here because you thought you were going to read something earthshattering and life changing….leave now.

The days are getting shorter.
Thought you should all know that.
Not MUCH shorter.
I estimate about ten minutes shorter in the last couple of weeks.
I have no scientific evidence to back up my claim but the sun is coming up over my mountains just a little later than normal.

The above pic was taken when I got down to the beach at about six am.
This next one was as I was leaving about half an hour later.

I got a record number of views yesterday.
I wonder why?
It could be that I used the words sexy Doc.
I also used the word penis…naughty granny.
Or…it is because I went onto the WP post a day challenge.

WordPress have come up with some tips for blogblock.
The one is to post about something you have never blogged about.
Having been around the block more than a few times, I should have loads to talk about.

I could talk about:

My eating disorder.
My insatiable sexual urges.
How I spent my lottery winnings.
How I hate my dog.
And my cat.
And blogging.
And housework.

However, MOST of the above are untrue.

So…today,sometime, I am going to go through my memory banks for things that happened in my life that might just interest you.
With over 60 years of memories this should keep me busy for quite some time.
And you lot bored to tears.

I leave you with a brief mention of sneezing.
How do YOU sneeze.
Mex holds his sneezes in.
I don’t know how he does it.
I expect him to burst a blood vessel.
At the very least…to fart.
That pressure has to go somewhere.

I, however, love to sneeze.
I do it with great abandon.
And VERY loudly.

I mention this because I sneezed five times on the beach this morning(a good enough excuse not to come to work).
Jasmine was way ahead of me but every time she looked back at me with a puzzled look on her face.

Have a great day.


  1. Not good to hold in sneezes, maybe he’s afraid he has a little peepee if he sneezes? It happens …

    • Morning cindy…you’ve seen his peepee?When?

      • You two crack me up! Next we’ll be seeing a sneeze photo!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Now THERE is a thought!

  2. I’d rather not hear about your insatiable urges, thanks all the same….bad vision! bad vision! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • So Supa…you think that one IS true?????

  3. Sneezing,Granny,really? Um,ok. When alone, I just sneeze. When in the company of others,for some reason, I TRY with all my might to hold the sneeze in,or at the very least, transform it into a slight hiccough. (Part hiccup,part cough.) Hubby has made fun of me for this.
    Hey,why on Earth do you willingly get up before 6am? Spooky’s been waking up at that hour all week and I’m holding a serious grudge. This is the rooster hour! You daywalkers frighten me!

    • Hello Morgue…why do I get up before six in the morning?
      I am afraid Jasmine will eat me for breakfast if I don’t take her for a walk.
      As I leave for work at the ungodly hour of seven I HAVE to go early.
      If I leave the walk until AFTER work as I do in interferes with my drinking time!
      Oh..and I don’t really do it willingly.

  4. Jasmine’s a sweetie, but she’s reinforcing why I embrace my status as a cat person only so much. They’re lower maintenance and I’m lazy. Besides, dogs don’t purr and I think a purring kitty is better medicine than hardcore drugs;)

    • Great minds etc…I was commenting on your post while you were here.
      Cats ARE easier but Jasmine makes me laugh.
      And she kisses me.

  5. LOL you are SO funny Granny! I think you could write about the gravest situation and still inject some humor into it. I love reading your posts.

    People call me “The Little Winchester” when I sneeze because it’s not a loud sneeze and there’s a very high-pitched but tiny “choooo” at the end, and they say it reminds them of the sound a Winchester rifle makes after it’s fired. It’s involuntary, but it makes people laugh. I guess that’s a good thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hello RD…thank you…you are too kind.

      The little Winchester?
      I love it.
      Nobody has named my sneezes.
      I am quite jealous!!!

  6. And you asked on my blog about how dogs poop in deep snow LOL. Well, we’re fortunate to have an overhang around the house that keeps a 1-foot wide area clear, and our front porch is completely sheltered by a roof, so we can just take Daisy out there, let her wander onto a shoveled spot on the grass, and scoop up after her.

    My friends are lucky enough to have a sheltered outdoor spot right outside their laundry room door – they have an extra long leash and can stand inside the door and let their dog go out into the sheltered area alone. They’re lucky – Daisy won’t go alone, we have to be out there freezing with her.

    • Thank you for clearing up that little puzzle for me RD….I used to have a minature French poodle who had to have company when she went out….drove me nuts when it was raining.

  7. Granny, why didn’t you let me and Cindy tag along when you spent your lottery winnings? Naughty granny ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love the pic of Jasmine – she always looks like she is having such fun at the beach.

    • Sorry MTM…R10-00 didn’t go far!

  8. Oops! I also hold my sneezes in. Have done since I was a tiny tot, but haven’t burst a blood vessel or farted yet!

    • Can we believe that HP?????And I am not talking about the blood vessel!

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