Posted by: granny1947 | January 12, 2011

Granny is fighting fit.

Good Morning All.

So…sexy Doc phoned me last evening.
My blood tests came back.
He said they were world class.
Really…he did.
Not 3rd world, mind you.
World class.
I celebrated with a glass of wine.
Or two.

Talking about health.
Well, I was.
What on earth could I have put on my blog that would have caused me to receive spam mail offering to increase the size of my penis?
Last time I checked I didn’t have one.
Possibly I need new glasses.
If I DO have one is must be VERY small.

I have been watching the guy in the above pic for a while now.
He must be super fit.
He goes up and down the bay a couple of times.
It is a long way.
At quite a lick too.
He must have very well developed arms.
I worry,gently, that his legs might be out of proportion.

I have just phoned home to ask the teenager to wash the windows on one side of the house for me.
Her lack of enthusiasm was notable.
She will do it,though.
Love that girl.

Now back to work.
Have a wonderful day.



  1. post her to me, she can dangle from the roof and wash the upstairs ones here, that’s real adventure built in to the window washing

    • Hi sidey…will run it by her tonight…don’t think she will bite!

  2. I’m also getting a hell of a lot of spam over the past two days, don’t know what gives.
    I know the guy in the kayak, his name is Bobby and his legs are fine, don’t worry.
    Bless the girl for doing the windows, ask her to cook supper too …

    • Supper is a breeze tonight Cindy…leftover stew from Monday with a salad.

  3. Chin, chin…

    • Cheers Nzwaa…lovely to see you again!

  4. Glad your blood is world class which reminds me I must go and have my blood pressure checked. I’ve stopped the pills, want to see if I really need them, I still believe it went high cos I stopped smoking.

    • Good Morning Supa…am sticking to my pills…I was running late for my appointment and when sexy doc took my pressure it had jumped 20 points(of course that might have been from him)

  5. Lol, I’m also getting an incredible amount of spam, but it’s all invites to join sexy singles or lonely wives looking to have some fun! Bit of a joke with my rat leaving on Monday 🙂

    • Morning HP…I am also getting a lot of FB mails saying that people are flirting with me…there must be a lot of desperate people out there!!!

  6. Maybe the phrase “sexy doc” got you tagged by spammers? Some really awful spam gets right through my email filters, yet those same filters block some legit mail. Go figure! I can’t believe there are still some people clicking on those things! LOL Glad to hear your blood work was so stellar!

    • Good Morning RD…I am intrigued because I got a record number of views yesterday.

  7. Damn. You ladies seem to be getting all the good email … not that I need it mind you. I just like to keep track of the technology. Congrats on the good blood work!

    • Hehehe Oldereyes…that is your story and you are sticking to it!

  8. Didn’t the guy in the Kayak see Jaws??? dum te dum te dum te dum…. *shudder*

    • Morning Frog…funny…I thought that exact thing as I saw something black come out of the water near him…however, I think it was just kelp.

  9. Would your teenager like a visit to Canada?!

    • Hi Souldipper…she went home today….I shall miss her.

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