Posted by: granny1947 | January 11, 2011

Granny has a laugh

As promised….two of my favourite people in the world …being scared half to death!

DIL didn’t open her eyes.
Granddaughter DID.
Her eyes sent a message to the brain.
The brain said WTF?
If I was stupid enough to go on it ,my bladder would have come into the equation!

p.s.The mark on 16year old’s face is a reflection.



  1. Either very brave or very stupid….seemed like a good idea at the time!! You know that thing that dogs do when they stick their heads out of a car window…that was the reason for the smile …my lips had nowhere else to go!!

    • Morning Love….I just love the mental image that conjures up in my brain!

  2. What a great picture!! I LOVE photos of people on crazy rides. When we go to those places, I just sit on the sidelines watching everyone’s look of horror and then watch them coming off the ride looking like they may vomit, and I ALWAYS think Whyyyyyyyy????? LOL! I get my money’s worth in entertainment!

    • I agree RD…such fun watching people making idiots of themselves!

  3. That’s so funny. So DIL missed the whole visual experience? You wouldn’t catch me going on that thing, granny.

    • Me either AD…me either!

  4. That looks like a whole lot of fun! If I’m ever in Cape Town again, I’ll stand on a crate to make sure I meet their daft height requirements. Hubby can stand safely on the sideline and watch me 🙂

    • Ahhh HP…hubby is one of the brave ones?

  5. Too funny!

  6. Why wasn’t that on my Cape Town tour??

    • Uhm Souldipper….maybe they thought you were too …er…uhm…old? Granny runs off!

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