Posted by: granny1947 | January 10, 2011

Granny’s back at work

Hello All.

Back into my routine
Early to the beach.
We were the only humans down there.
Well, I was the only human.
There were no waves ,so no surfers.
It looked like rain but by the time we turned to go back there were about ten people.
The place was,practically, crowded.

I have already had four major problems to sort out.
I feel as though I have not been away.
Apparently, our African staff members don’t work on the first day back!
I hear they are all sitting in the canteen.
Three of the four who report to me have not even showed their faces to me.
I have to say this is annoying the hell out of me.
My instinct is to go in there and give them hell.
I am fighting it.
Let me ease into this new year.
That is, obviously, how they feel.

One has to laugh at our police force.
Or cry.
My Dad and my brother went into a police station to do two affidavits that I need.
The cops were busy so they stamped and signed the forms and told them they could complete them at home.
I kid you not.
I have them in my bag.
I could fill in anything I liked on them.
It is a good thing I am honest.

Now I am off to get my caffiene fill and back to the grindstone.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. Best of luck getting through the day. xxx

    • thanks cindy…think it is going to be a LONG day!

  2. Great sky pics, granny. That first day back is usually the pits. LOL @ our Police force, or rather shed a tear, I think. Hugs xx

    • hi AD….40 minutes and the first day is behind me…phew!

  3. Wow, how very laid-back of the police (they sound like your workers LOL)! That’s a bit scary….I hope they don’t do that with other things like restraining orders that go on peoples’ records!

    Here’s hoping this new year treats you well!

    PS- I hate it when the first day back to work after a holiday wipes out all the relaxing effects of your break!

    • hello RD…don’t think restraining orders work too well in this country!

  4. Hope you survived your first day back 🙂
    We’ve always said an affidavit signed at a police station isn’t worth the paper it’s written on for that self-same reason.

    • Morning HP…I have often seen them sign the things without reading them or checking id books but never blank ones!!!

  5. Fabulous sky shots. Remember back in the days when you dreamed of all the benefits you’d enjoy if you were the boss…

    • You are so right…doesn’t really work that way does it?

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