Granny’s last day

Good Morning all.

A rather unfortunate choice of subject line.
Hopefully, not prophetic!

Yep…the last day of my holiday.
Back to the madhouse tomorrow.
I tried to persuade sexy doc to conjure up an interesting ailment for me and book me off for another week.
He wouldn’t budge.

The good news(from my point of view) is that it is drizzling and cool.
I might even get up the energy to do some housework.
Note I said MIGHT!

A tip to all my friends who might be as dumb as me.
NEVER take a water pill before going to bed.
My ankles were so swollen last night I decided to take one.
The bottle DID say take in the morning after food.
I like to live dangerously.
I even take pills past their expiry date.
I went to the loo at two o’clock.
And ten past two.
And half past two.
Finally I had to get up and drink water because I was getting a headache.
And cramp.
So the cycle started all over again.
I have very thin ankles this morning!
This might be a good time to get on the scale.
I MUST be lighter.

I got a Xmas card from one of the German kin on Friday.
With 20 euros.
I hope the exchange rate is a hundred to one.

And now I am starting to waffle.
Let me go and get dressed.
Do some cleaning.

Have a super day everyone.

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