Posted by: granny1947 | January 8, 2011

Granny is trying

Good Morning Everyone.

Another lovely day in the Cape.
Thank God there is cool breeze.
I might just survive the day.
Sorry for all you guys who are waterlogged.

So what am I trying?
I am trying to work up some enthusiasm for housework.
I am trying to ignore Jacob Zuma giving his speech on the TV.
I am trying to ignore all the dead flies on the flypaper Mex insisted on putting up.
I am trying to pretend I don’t have to go back to work on Monday.

I am NOT succeeding with any of the above.

I need to write letters to all the family overseas.

So…I went to my doc yesterday.
To have all the normal tests.
However, he wants me to have a colonoscopy.
Is this a normal preventitive test?
Sounds a bit drastic to me.
Will have to give that one some thought.
Told him I will let him know.

And…on that cheerful note I leave you.

Have a great day.


  1. I am getting to be an expert at procrastination!

    • Hi Tandy…take a number…I am the expert!

  2. Hi granny. I’m sure you’re very trying at times, as am I. There is no way that TV is going on for Zuma’s speech. I’m also doing housework in between blogging of course. Must start on the ironing now. Oh Bliss! A colonoscopy? Did he motivate this suggestion? It does sound a bit drastic. Mind you, I firmly believe some doctors are in cahoots with the specialists. Hope there’s nothing to worry about. Hugs xx

    • Good grief yes AD…I would never have thought of having one….still don’t think I will have one.

  3. i’mk thinking about putting off prorastinating until ifeel like doimg anything

    • I love the way you think Sidey!

  4. It’s far too hot here today to worry about housework or anything else. We’re sitting at 28 degrees now at 6pm, but it’s been wonderful after all the rain and miserable grey skies we’ve had.
    Did sexy doc say why he wants to do a Colonoscopy?

    • Hi Hp…still 25 here at it is 8 o’clock!
      Sexy Doc said it was routine.
      Not sure if I believe him.

  5. Ya know, Granny, I think this colonoscopy thing is a normal routine part of the exam after a certain age, My husband’s been irked for the last year that our general doc didn’t reccomend the whole proctology exam and colonoscopy for him, whereas I’m pondering doctoring my birth records to stave off “the age” where some strange person will propose doing such ghastly “tests” on me. Egad! Anyway, enjoy your warmth as it is 12 degrees F here today and we were without power and heat all night. My toes could double as cocktail ice cubes!

    • Hi Morgue…it is actually quite pleasant here this evening.
      How old is the hubby, for crying in a bucket?
      I am a bit retarded…had my first boob check 18 months ago….and that was because the radiology department made a mistake…I went in for a scan on my face and they sent me to the wrong place…once I was there I thought “what the hell”
      Also, three of my four aunts on my Dad’s side had boobs removed….I am quite attached to mine!

  6. Granny, my Doc gets ticked because our medical system does not automatically encourage colonoscopies for people over age 55 unless they see symptoms of polyps – which can turn cancerous in about five years.

    I just had a colonoscopy because my oldest sister had polyps. Thankfully, none of hers were cancerous, but that was enough to get me into the screening process.

    I was greatly relieved that my high roughage and more wholesome diet has paid off – I had no polyps. But I still have to do another in five years because it showed up on the female side of the family.

    Hate to say it, but the clean out (the prep) felt great. The best advice I got about the liquid I had to drink – put it in the fridge. Make sure it’s cold. Then it goes down much easier.

    And that’s it from Dr. Soul Dipper!! 🙂

    • Good Morning Doc Souldipper…..I hadn’t thought about the cleaning out process!!!
      They would have to give me pills.
      I don’t do liquid medicine.
      A throwback from the past.
      I went to a convent boarding school at the age of four and a half….they used to give us castor oil in the winter…will drink a hundred pills before I have one teaspoon of liquid!!!
      I haven’t heard of polyps in my family but then I was never really in touch with my Dad’s side of the family.
      What I DO know is my Dad died of cancer and three of his four sisters had breast cancer….a lovely thought!

  7. It does sound drastic 😦

    • That’s what I thought Cin!

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