Posted by: granny1947 | January 7, 2011

Granny’s furry friends.

Good Morning Everyone.

ANOTHER stunning day on the beach.
Gloriously cool.
Forecast for today is 27 degrees.
A hell of a lot better than 38 degrees.
It was 30 degrees in my lounge at six o’clock last night.
I was starting to think there was something else wrong with me.
Mex and 16year old(yes she is spending a few days) were hot but I was the only one with sweat pouring off me.
This morning I got chatting to a woman on the beach.
Much younger than me.
She vomitted from the heat last night.
I feel better!

This morning Jasmine had me laughing my head off.
She found a big fat piece of kelp in a pool.
It was swollen with water.
When she bit into it it must have whistled at her.
She leapt back.
Gingerly explored it again.
Jumped back.
Eventually she started barking at it.


Come and look Mom…it is alive!

And now…because he never gets any attention…a pic of Tom.
He came to join me at the computer last night.
He contemplated my lap.
Then settled next to the computer.
It might have been too hot.
Or I ponged.
I suspect the latter.
I,eventually, had to move him.
He killed my mouse.

Have a great day everyone.
I am off to see my sexy doc at 10:30.
I wonder where I can get a quick facelift?


  1. LOL @ whistling kelp!
    Love Tom 🙂
    Good luck at the doc.

  2. at last, a pic of tom

    poor Jassie, that whistling thing was a real suprise 😉

    • Morning Sidey…it was hilarious!

  3. I had a good ole laugh “seeing” Jasmine’s reaction in my mind. You slay me granny – you truly slay me with your posts. Thanks for the laugh!

    • My pleasure Frog…have a super day.

  4. Your Tom looks like a larger version of our kitten Beelzebubbles,right down to the spot of white under his neck!
    Ya know,if you are the enterprising type,you could profit from this heat wave that has you melting. Lots of rich people would PAY to endure such thing if promised weight loss and a youthful appearance. Call it a “spa” and charge oodles per day. Jasmine could even fetch the kelp for the “health shakes”.
    Oh,please,if a gazillion people like my nephew shelled out $20 for that Fushigi ball,then there truly is a market for anything. -*hugs*

    • Hi Morgue…Today is more bearable.
      What the hell is a Fushigi ball?
      Sounds obscene!

  5. It would have been great to have a video of Jasmine under threat from the killer Whistling Kelp!
    Hope the visit to sexy doc went well?

    • Morning HP…it would have made a brilliant video…I am SO stupid…could have done that with my camera…it never crossed my mind!

  6. Love Jasmine’s raised paw! Duc le Chat is right here by my computer. Something scared the bejesus out of him outside. He came in and has been on Watch Duty. He’s right by my arm staring out the windowed door. He thinks I think he’s protecting me. Hah!

    • Morning Souldipper…Just hate it when cats suddenly sit up and stare at something I can’t see!!!

  7. Whistling kelp? Now I’ve heard everything, or at least Jasmine has. ;-> I also have a sexy doctor, but I suspect he’s had Botox. Have a great weekend, granny. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD…mine is sexy because he is so darned NICE!!!!

  8. Let’s see, degrees Fahrenheit equals 9/5 times degrees Centigrade plus 32, so … the heck with it, I’ll take your word that it’s hot. Very happy to finally meet Tam … I’m a cat guy. If your sexy doctor has a brain as well as looks, he’ll like “older women.”


    • Morning Bud….believe me …MORE than hot!
      My doc does like me….because I make him laugh!
      I once sent him a Maxine cartoon saying “Doctors also make mistakes, mine told me to get undressed”
      He replied…”been there, done that”

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