Posted by: granny1947 | January 6, 2011

Granny is melting

Hello All.

Another pic taken from the plane on the trip back.
I couldn’t take any on the trip up.
We were flying above cloud all the way.
I was not a happy flier.
Kept wondering how much the pilot had celebrated the night before.
New years Eve.
The older I get the less I like flying.
Keep wondering how the hell we are staying up there.
Puzzle about why the tail doesn’t hit the ground when the nose lifts.
Little things like that!

I was down on the beach at six thirty again this morning.
Absolutely glorious.
Probably the only time I will feel cool today.
Another scorcher forecast for today.
I believe 36 degrees.
This is the hottest summer since I arrived ten years ago.
They are forecasting a drop in temp for the weekend.
I do hope so.
One just can’t do housework in this heat.
Well, I can’t.

I bathed Jasmine yesterday.
She didn’t seem to mind.
I think she was quite happy to stand under the cold water.

Once she was dry she came inside and shook herself.
Big clumps of hair dropped onto the carpet.
I think she is trying to take off her coat.
I don’t blame her.
Even Tom has been lying around like a dead cat.
So glad I don’t have a fur coat!

I woke up at two this morning and sat on the verandah for a while.
There was a little breeze and it was just bearable out there.
Yesterday, our next door neighbour saw a HUGE snake slither past the entrance to our complex.
I don’t do snakes.
I closed the door when I went back to bed.

Now I am off to fetch the 16 year old granddaughter.
She phoned me sobbing yesterday.
I wonder what the new drama is all about.
No doubt I will have my ear bent all the way home.
Sigh….feel so sorry for her.

Have a great day everyone.



  1. I feel the same way about flying, I’m much happier on the gound thank you! While you lot are basking in sunshine we are growing webbed feet 😦

    • Let’s swap places Supa…you are going to be SO humid when the sun finally comes out!

      • Yers .. that is what I am not looking forward to after all this rain! Jared found the heat and the humidity rather difficult .. wonder how he likes being back home πŸ™‚

      • I am SURE he is suffering!

  2. Hello my friend – just catching up on your posts .. sounds like you are having a warm time down there .. my kinda weather!
    Glad you had a good visit with the parentals – tough decision ahead of you – I don’t envy you at all.
    Hope all goes well with the 16 year old.
    Happy Happy & Merry Merry and all that – May 2011 surpass in your expectations and even some that you don’t have

    • Hello Puppycat….you are strange girl…don’t know how anyone can enjoy this sort of weather.

      • LOL ..
        Remember the skinny chicks feel the cold and don’t enjoy winter .. so the inner lizard in me would be unfurling and stretching comfortable to bask in the warmth ..
        SIGH …
        As you see .. it is raining here .. but not cold πŸ™‚ .. that is a blessing at least

      • Hi Pup…then I need to lose LOTS of weight!!!

  3. phew, glad it wasn’t wuite that hot when i was there πŸ˜‰

    i love flying. as i kid i made model areoplanes so i worked out where to put the wheels so they made sue=re the bum didn’t scrape on the ground πŸ˜‰

    • Hello Sidey….the heat is simply dreadful…roll on winter!

  4. This heat is going to kill me! Even my animals won’t move away from the ceiling fan in my room. The problem is that they all stretch out and then there is no place for me… 😦
    Hope the teenager is ok????

    • Hi Frog…I know just how they feel…wish I could carry our fan around with me!!
      Teenager is fine…think she was just depressed to be home after four days with new Attitude.

  5. And here we drown.
    Hope it’s just a trivial thing with Pam. Give her a hug from me.

    • Morning Cindy….she seems ok…thank heavens.

  6. I used to fly all the time, but I stopped a few years ago. Just can’t get myself to those heights anymore. Beautiful pic, though!

    Your granddaughter is so lucky to have you to talk to. That bond will mean a lot to her throughout her life.

    I don’t mind snakes in general (except the huge ones!) but NOT near my house!!

    Jasmine looks SO happy in that photo! She couldn’t smile any bigger if she tried! πŸ™‚ My last dog was a Shepherd-Collie-Husky mix and ALL thick fur, so I know what you mean about summertime shedding!

    • Hello RD…Jasmine was on cloud nine….ran to greet everyone….I can’t wait for the morning…the heat is just awful at the moment and it is after six in the evening…another sleepless night ahead!

  7. My kinda weather! At least we have some sun now, which is fantastic!
    Glad to see from the comments your granddaughter is okay.

    • No man HP…this is dreadful weather!!!

  8. Jasmine’s in heaven. Snake? Yike. On my tiny island, there is not one creature or insect that is dangerous. I kept forgetting to be careful while I was in South Africa.

    • Morning Souldipper…Mex had better come and live there…he is terrrified of creepy crawlies.

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