Posted by: granny1947 | January 5, 2011

Granny is home!

Hi All.

And a happy new year to all of you.

So…I am back.
The visit to my parents just flew.
I am glad I went.
Even though it is very clear that they can’t cope on their own anymore.
I have to get my mind around the idea of moving up to look after them.
I was hoping I could stay around here for another two years but I think I will have to consider going there in one years time.

My mother walks only with great difficulty.
My stepfather is looking very frail.
I guess at 87 he is entitled to look frail.

I,finally, got my Mom’s computer sorted out.
Found the most wonderful,helpful, cute, young man at a place called Genius Computers.
In the Walker Drive shopping centre,
He worked the whole day reloading stuff.
I have no idea what.
When he turned on the computer the fan message had vanished.
My hair drier waving did the trick.
He also sorted out her e-mail.
For the grand charge of R50-00.
Thank you so much Kyle.
You are amazing!


Let’s start again!
I got so darn hot yesterday I couldn’t think.
Our temp last night was 24degrees.
24 degrees is a lovely daytime temp for me.
24 degrees at night is just ridiculous.
Today they are forecasting 38 degrees.
I am going to die.

It is now eight in the morning and it is already a bit uncomfortable.
I took Jasmine down to the beach at half past six.
She ran around smiling the whole time.
I swear that dog prefers the beach to eating.

The beach was just incredible.
The tiniest cool breeze coming off the sea.
Not a cloud in the sky.

The little boy in the next pic is nearly four.
What fun he was having.
Oh to be so young and innocent.
Just embracing life with open arms.
I had quite an interesting chat to his Dad.

Mex and I have just been discussing what furniture we will need to take with us.
I don’t want to talk about it.
I am going into panic mode.
I will have to treasure every walk on the beach for the next sixteen months.

Looks like 2011 might be interesting.

Oh yes….the first pic I took from the plane.
I am quite chuffed that it came out so well.


  1. Welcome back. That was quick! Is it not possible for your parents to move down here? I am planning to emigrate to Iceland. I cannot handle this heat. Where is the Fish Hoek wind when you need it?
    Stay cool!

    • Hi 40…isn’t it dreadful…don’t know how I am going to survive today!

    • Hi 40….would give anything for a good south easter right now!

  2. Welcome back.
    Please don’t die, put some ice packs down your blouse and keep cool.
    East London isn’t such a bad place to live … and 16 months is a long time. Enjoy the present.
    Love you.

    • Hi Cindy….am worrying about you…will phone you you too girl.

    • Hi Cindy…another scorcher today…am off to the beach now.

  3. I also have the same concerns with my parents, my Dad has just been diagnosed with Oldtimers 😦 trouble is, they are in the UK. That is hot….want some of our rain?!

    • Sorry to hear that, Supa.

    • That is dreadful Supa….so sorry…worse that you are so far away.

  4. It’s a difficult decision regarding parents. Do you move them or do you move? I hope you find a workable solution, Granny.
    We are in the process of moving FIL from George to Joburg as he cannot carry the financial burden of 4 helpers for much longer and we suspect there has been skimming of funds. All my late MIL’s jewellery was stolen out of the kist although he lives in a secure village. Hmmm.
    Tis soggy and cool up here – hubby not happy as he planned to play a few rounds of golf on his few weeks of leave. Scuppered.
    Take care.

    • Oh wow Madmom….what a problem….hope it comes right.
      Can’t move my parents down here…they won’t move…also property market so expensive down here….looks like a move to PE will be unavoidable!

  5. Kyle is obviously feeling the holiday spirit – good for him!
    You can’t move to PE – Jasmine will BITE you…. 😦

    • Morning Frog…thank you so much for all the help and concern…couldn’t phone you back as I had run out of airtime…Kyle was an absolute joy.

  6. Morning K.
    So pleased you enjoyed your visit. I am sure Jasmine was over the moon with when you arrived back.
    Wish you a happy 2011.

    • Good Morning My Friend…yes Jasmine went ballistic…she has just had a bath and is locked out so is not that happy now. I do hope you had a wonderful Xmas. Love you lots.

  7. Good morning Granny! If you move I will miss your beautiful beach shots. It’s a tough decision you have ahead — I’m praying you win a massive lottery that will help make everything so much easier to deal with. It seems we go from caring for and worrying about our kids to caring for and worrying about parents — all a little bit unfair, but then again, I guess that’s why we have families — to care for one another. Take care of yourself in the meantime and have a terrific New Year.


    • Thank you so much Klrs….the same to you…we are just sitting here dripping sweat…think it is 40 in the shade…I am NOT having fun.

  8. Yayyy,you’re back! I missed you. Not just because you’re the only one who reads and comments on my posts,either. Reading your posts has become a daily ritual for me, I am glad you are back to regale me with tales of Jasmine and such. Oh,get this:hubby figured out the vacuum issue. Spooky got a toy tool kit for X-mas and one of her big plastic bolts got sucked up inside. Ha ha ha,I’m not such a dummy after all. I still hate housework and vacuums,on principle. How much older do I have to get before I stop seeing the dirt,anyway? I suppose I could take off my glasses but no doubt I’d be not seeing the dirt and Spooky disassembling the car. Welcome back,woman!

    • Wow…thank you so much Morgue…suddenly I feel very loved!
      The downside of finding out what was wrong with the vacuum cleaner is now you have to use the damn thing.
      God it is hot here…I am melting!

  9. I am such a selfish creature. My first thought was, No! I must have my fix of Granny’s gorgeous landscapes and beach shots!

    Is there any chance of them moving to you? It might help dull the sting of uprooting lives. Good luck with sorting all of this out and enjoy every moment of that spectacular place you call home.

    • Hi Joann…would love them to come here but that is not going to happen…just can’t uproot them….also…property very expensive down here…I am sure I will find a nice beach to visit!

  10. Hi granny. Gorgeous pics as always. So glad you got mom’s computer fixed at little cost. Good luck with the decisions you have to make in the near future. Thinking of you in that heat. Think of me in this rain. Hugs xx

    • Hello Ad…I would swap in a heartbeat…nearly 8:30pm….still sweating!

  11. That’s a huge decision, Gran. Will you have access to the beach if you move nearer to your parents? If not, Jasmine might become quite depressed!

    I’m glad your holidays were happy. My parents have been here since 12/25, but they leave tomorrow (so I’ll be back to posting again – yippee!). Every year I notice their age showing more and more (they’re both 85). It’s hard to watch, but even harder knowing that they live 1200 miles away and although my father’s retired for quite some time, my mother (who has never worked) refuses to move back here because she’s addicted to playing bridge 5-8 times a week and there are no avid bridge groups here like there are where they live. Imagine that. Card playing is more important than being near family at a time when they’re failing physically. Yet I’m expected to drop everything (we ALL work in my home) and fly down there whenever something happens…I just can’t do it. Frustrating.

    Anyway, good luck with all the planning!

    • Good Morning RD….Port Elizabeth is also a coastal town so I will definitely be looking for a secluded beach there. Unfortunately my folks don’t live near a beach….we won’t be able to go every day….I will have to look for some sort of job which is going to be difficult at my age.
      You must be grateful that your Mom is still so active….mine sits and reads and naps all day. She has all sorts of ailments as she is overweight.
      Port Elizabeth is about a thousand kms from here so I know what you mean….I am going to have to look out for cheap air tickets…I now know I need to go there more often.

  12. Difficult decisions ahead of you, Granny 😦
    I’m thinking of you.

    • Thanks HP…still raining up there?

  13. There. Life feels in place again. You’re home. Honest, Granny, you are one helluva human being. I guess Cape Town hasn’t begun the upswing of very nice senior’s residences – or are they the expensive places you are mentioning?

    I like what Cindy said. Who knows what the circumstances will be in 16 months.

    • Awwww Souldipper…that is so sweet of you.
      All property is very expensive in Cape Town….if they sold their house in Port Elizabeth they could never get anything near decent down here.
      Yes, I shall leave the stressing till nearer the time!

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