Posted by: granny1947 | December 31, 2010

Granny’s last post for the year.

So…I have no idea what this post is going to be all about.
I am so full of Myprodal.
They are working.
To a certain extent.
Nausea aside.
Nap attack aside.

I managed to get to the beach this morning.
The tides have pushed so much sand up the beach that the waves are battling to reach their full potential.
There is a steep slant down to the water.
You all know how I love to walk in the water.
This means walking with one foot two foot lower than the other.
This makes one look like a crab on drugs.
Doesn’t help spine alignment either.

I am all packed.
My bag consists mostly of books for my Mom.
Wonder how far I have to walk once I am in the airport?
Haven’t caught a plane since they revamped.

I suppose I should  say something profound at this point.
The end of another year.
Good intentions for the next one.
Nah….not my style.

What I WILL say is ..I wish you all well as the year draws to it’s end.
I hope 2011 brings you all you wish for yourself.
If it is good for you!


  1. You will have to walk a fair way, whenever I fly I depart from the gate furthest away! Ask and if it’s too far get them to take you in a wheelchair……and ask them to take a pic for me!!!
    Safe journey and my best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

    • Is that a dare Supa? Let’s see what i can arrange!

  2. Enjoy the trip, and have a very Happy New Year. May it be full of joy and prosperity!

    • Thank you Col…and the same to you and yours!

  3. enjoy the visit. CT now makes you walk a lot

    • Oh Dear Sidey…think I will re-look at all the books I have packed!

  4. hi love, I wish you health, weath(lots of so you can visit me) and happiness.
    Keep well and enjoy the trip.
    lots of love

    • Hi Monica…oh boy…how I would LOVE to visit you…roll on the lottery win!

  5. Enjoy the trip, and all the very best for the New Year to you and yours.

    • Thanks so much HP…the same to you!

  6. Walk like that drugged crab you practiced…if nothing else, some one will call security. 😀 Have a great trip, Granny. Don’t forget us.

    • As if I COULD forget my friends Souldipper!!!

  7. Happy new year, my dear and sweet friend.
    Thank you for your loyalty and support during the past year.
    I love you very much.

    • Hello again my love…I love you too…please give me a call!

  8. Jasmine is going to BITE you when you go back….

    Have a incredible 2011!

    • Hahaha Frog…she nearly bowled me over she was so happy to see me!

  9. Happy New Year, Granny. I’ll be around to read you next year …

    • Thank you Bud…the same to you and yours.

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