Posted by: granny1947 | December 30, 2010

Granny goes OUCH!!!

Hi All.
I am ending the year with ANOTHER pinched nerve in the neck.
Could be gettting another call from younger daughter.
Again…”wrong number” and hang up.
Followed by another missed call at 11:30pm.
I believe she is reading my posts.
K. next time you drink too much give your phone to T.

Supper with my friends last night was great.
As always.
Just love them to bits.

So what was your Xmas loot like?
I did well.
Some fancy shower gel from 16 year old.
She knows what I like.
A beautiful top from DIL.
Also, she made me a calender for 2011.
With photos of all the family members on their birth months.
Something really special.
April is a bit crowded!
Some toffees and some choccies.
All in all a good haul.

And now I am going to take my sore neck to bed.
I shall lie there and moan gently.
Or loudly if Mex takes no notice.

I will do a final post for the year tomorrow.
Don’t know if I will have a computer when I get up to Mom.

Have a great evening All.



  1. We agreed not to exchange gifts and did the charity thing, but I had a little ‘accident’ when the boxed set of The Pacific simply jumped into my hands for hubby, and a bottle of Womanity fell into his basket for me! And all the rose bushes which hopped into the boot of the car for Marmee! You’d think the shops and nurseries would pack their shelves better 🙂
    Take care of yourself, and that neck; safe travels for tomorrow.

    • Ooooooh nice. I won a bottle of Womanity a couple months ago. Its delicious! xx

    • Good Morning HP….we said the same but a Queen DVD shouted at me so I had to listen….Mex was thrilled but I had to say it was just a pressie.
      I THINK I am only travelling tomorrow!

  2. Aaaaah so sorry bout the ouchie granny….take care of you please…moan LOUDLY! We all went very easy on the pressies this year….enjoy your time with Mom and I hope that 2011 is going to be a great year for you luv. Luv you lots and Happy New Year! PS So sorry couldnt get hold of you yesterday to join Sideview and I for lunch….did try. Spoke to Mex but you had forgotten your phone at home 😦 xx

    • Good Morning Love….yes I was very disappointed not to see Sidey but lunch was over by the time I got back home…what a darn pity I forgot my cell….silly Granny!

  3. Out of curiosity,what did Jasmine give you for Christmas? My cats gave me a communal furball shaped like the Eiffel Tower. Ok, not really, mostly they just got stoned on their catnip toys and drove us all nuts,but really…did Jasmine at least take you for a walk on the beach? Feel better soon,woman! XX

    • Good Morning Morgue…Jasmine gave me a dirty look. We have not walked for four days now…damn gales…right now it is three in the morning and there is not a breath of wind…go figure!

  4. Here’s to your trip and the start of a great new year, Granny.

  5. I was so sorry to miss you. somehow I lost your phone number, and between trying to get dates and times from the family of what was happening when and when I could possibly borrow a vehicle, it all nearly went pear-shaped for me.

    look after yourself

    • Good Morning sidey….yes I was really sorry….if I had not forgotten my darn phone it would have been so easy…I was right there!!!Next time.

  6. All the best for 2011 – may it hold everything you wish for and lots of photos for your readers!! Hope the neck gets better soon – safe travels.

  7. Eina! You need to do Yogo – it unpinches all the nerves and leaves only the butt pinched. Of course if you have a cute limber male instructor – more pinching will happen for sure. There is something about a tight-butted man in shorts… *sigh*…
    Shit where was I????? Oh yes! Look after yourself and I hope the pain goes away quickly – let us know when you arrive with mum as we need to know that you are ok…. 🙂

    • PS I got to meet Sidey!!!!! See what happens when you have your phone with you! *giggle*

      • Still not talking to you but can’t read your latest post about the fires…well I CAN on my e-mail but it does not seem to be on WP.
        What have you done wrong?

    • Hi Frog….oh wait…am not talking to you!

  8. Hope the neck feels better soon.

    • Good Morning Cin…am very worried about you…love you lots and lots.

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