Posted by: granny1947 | December 27, 2010

Granny thinks back

Good Morning Everyone.

My word, blogging goes out the door, when there are other options.
Like napping.
And reading.
And napping.

Today my mind is going back.
Something I never,normally,do.
Today would have been my 26th wedding anniversary.
If my husband had lived.
Where have all the years gone to?
I still think of him nearly every day.
When will that stop?
I guess…never.

In other news.
I am suddenly having hot flushes.
Where have they suddenly resurfaced from?
Life is full of these little mysteries.
You guys wouldn’t understand!

My doctor is blackmailing me.
Bless him.
He won’t renew my bloodpressure script until I have been in for all the tests he loves to do.
I tell him I am just great.
He doesn’t care.
If he wasn’t such a lovely sexy man I might get angry!

On the first of January I am off to Port Elizabeth to visit my Mom.
She tells me her computer suddenly came up with a warning that some fan or other is not working.
Any computer bloggers in PE?



  1. *waves fan at hot Granny and suggests that her Mom dusts the innards of pc*
    Have a safe journey and a wonderful time, Granny.

    • Thanks Madmom….wave harder….damnit!

  2. Ah granny – I send you hugs. It was the 20th anniversary of vibocrete girls dads passing this year and I still miss him like shit!! But, at her wedding I stood up and made a dedication to him and it was not half as bad as I had anticipated – so it does get easier!

    • Morning MissChris…that must have been SO hard for you…I would have blubbed my eyes out!

  3. Hi there, time makes the pain less sharp, but it can never remove it alltogether


    • Hi there Sidey….the pain melts into bitter sweet memories…those I can handle!

  4. Hehehe, I like your alternative options!
    If you know anyone who has a blower, borrow it and give your mom’s pc a good blow inside. You’ll be amazed at the amount of gunk that will come out of there. We do ours every couple of months, and our IT guy does the pc’s at work when faults are reported.
    Have a good day tomorrow 🙂

    • Morning HP…the is good so far…haven’t got dressed yet!

  5. Hugs sweet granny. Missing someone after all those years is a fact of life…it just never seems to quite go away. It was wonderful to see you and catch up again. Damned hot flushes have surfaced this side too. Is it something in the Valley air maybe? LOL! Listen to the sexy doctor. Things change and you may not need those BP meds anymore…I think Madmom might be right. The fan needs dusting..but best to get it seen to. Have a safe trip and have a wonderful few days with you Mom. Love you. xx

    • Good Morning Colleen….I really thought the damn things were over…can’t bear them…will have to wash all my sheets today!
      Love you too girl.

  6. I’ve been enjoying the break from blogging – but that doesn’t mean I don’t love being notified when one of my favs has a new post.

    Being divorced, it’s impossible to imagine what it is like to have a spouse die. Memories are frequent even with amicable goodbyes.

    Happy puffing and blowing at your mom’s.

    • Good Morning Souldipper…did you have a good Xmas? I hope so.
      As long as I don’t blow the whole house down…or up!

  7. The pain doesn’t ever go away, does it?

    • Hi Cindy…don’t think it is pain anymore…just regret!

  8. Good morning Granny. It’s that time of year when we can’t help remembering, “The way we were.” Enjoy the visit to your Mom. Safe travels, and Happy New Year. Hugs xx

    • Morning AD….can’t say I am excited about the trip but it will be good to see the old folk again.

  9. I had a good giggle when I saw all the IT “techies” giving you advice. They are all spot on!
    If your CPU fan stops working it will be polite enough to warn you – however if you ignore it for too long – the CPU can burn out. You also have system board fans and hard drive fans…. all of which can stop at any point in time when the dust clogs its workings.
    Take a hair-dryer PUT IT ON COLD ONLY and point it at all the bits and bobs in her computer. Do NOT use it if it can only do Heat… 😦
    Isn’t MrAKM from Letterdash in PE? I think he knows a fair bit!!!

    On the hot flushes side… DAMN! There must surely be a cut-off point for these damn things…. isn’t there some cosmic law that it is supposed to STOP after so many years? *worried look*

    I’m sorry you are feeling loss all over again. That bittersweet feeling of what could have been unfortunately stays with you forever. Its been 28 years that my friend shot himself and not a week goes by that I don’t feel remorse of a life cut short.


    • Good Morning Frog.
      Have just phoned Mom…she has a hair drier…will give it a good clean when I get up there…it is probably full of cat hair.

  10. I find the power surges come and go, just when you think you are done with them, back they come 😦
    I think it’s good that we never forget those that have left us, it shows how much that person meant to you.

  11. I am currently sitting at the reference desk with a heater melting my shoes. I would seriously welcome a hot flash right about now!!! It’s freezing in here.

    I hope you have some very happy memories to look back on today. I also hope your trip is a good one.

    • Hi Amy…it was a lovely day…I’ll swap weather with you!

  12. Tell your mom, your fan seems to have stopped working, also.

    I just started with this blood pressure medication stuff. It’s not fun, all the keeping up with it. I liked being medicine free. It was so much simpler. Sigh. The joys of growing older, right Gran? Notice I said older, because we will never be old. Have a blessed and safe New Year’s!

    • Hi Joann….I consider myself so lucky to have reached my age and only take half a little pill each day…am hoping I might be able to do away with that one sometime too!

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