Posted by: granny1947 | December 21, 2010

Granny is HOT

Hello All.
I wish that caption meant something else.
It is official.
I do not like summer.
Summer is for young people.
Prancing around the beach in bikinis.

It is six thirty in the evening.
The perspiration is dripping off me.
I am wearing next to nothing.
Mex will probably go blind.

I should go back down to the beach.
At seven this morning there was a glorious cold breeze blowing off the sea.
Maybe I should just go and sleep down there.

So…I had a fun day.
In 30 degree heat.
With a teenage girl looking for clothes.

Actually it wasn’t that bad.
We managed to find nearly everything at a small centre.
Teenager went for a haircut and I settled on the lovely leather couches in my favourite bookshop.
Good coffee.
Nice people.
Air conditioning.
God…I wish I was there now.
Most of the grandkids(and a couple of the kids) are getting books.
They might not be enthusiatic.
Makes me feel good,though.

Oh hell….roll on winter.
Except then I can’t go for early morning walks.
Alright…summer can stay.
For a while.

I nearly said have a good weekend.
It hasn’t sunk in yet.


  1. Enjoy it my sweet friend, you deserve it.
    Can I come and live with you until January?

    • Absolutely love…two spare rooms….tell me where to meet you!

  2. I’m not a fan of summer either, except for all the flowers and fresh veggies we grow in our yard. But I HATE the heat, which is worse every year. I’m rather enjoying our current freezing temps – as long as I don’t have to stay out in them for over half an hour! But it’s better than heat for me. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

    • Morning RD…we are so on the same page….at least if you are cold you can put on a sweater…nothing much one can do about heat.
      Today I intend doing as little as possible!!!!
      Jasmine is watching me…waiting for her walk.

  3. I’m wearing longs and a long sleeved shirt! 😦 Our Christmas is all done, the bonus being we only had to buy pressies for the dudes and one other person each! I might defrost a tiny chicken for the two of us, I might even find some leftover crackers from last year……sorted! 🙂

    • Good morning Supa….lovely and cool today…long may it last….don’t forget to buy more Quality Street!!!

  4. I am absolutely not talking to you!!!! On holiday AND you introduced me to Bounce Out – it’s driving me nuts!!!!!! 🙂 I hope to be on holiday next week – if holiday staff arrive – please cross fingers – I really need a break. Our KZN weather (up here in the clouds) is wet, wet, wet. We have family up from Cape Town and they are NOT impressed – hehehe. Hope the beaches are a bit better otherwise we’re going to have a lot of peeved off Vaalies. Me, I’m not complaining – love the cooler weather. Enjoy your leave I’m sure you’ve earned every minute of it.

    • Good Morning Wolf…I am SO sorry….the game is very addictive if you have a competitive streak….what is your highest score?

  5. Hi Granny. Summer in Durban is the absolute worst time of year. It’s hot, humid.windy and rainy. Can’t imagine why people come here for Christmas. Glad you got your shopping done anyway. Hugs xx

    • Morning AD…am not quite finished…still have to buy my beloved DIL a pressie…have no idea what.

  6. Hi there

    Suffer baby, suffer. I’m still working

    • Good Morning Sidey….jealousy makes you ugly girl…lovely and cool today!!!

  7. I’ll trade you some hot, sunny and no humidity days for some rainy & humid days!
    I got the last of the shopping done yesterday at one of the local malls close to us and thank heavens the holiday makers prefer the bigger centres! The only crazy place was the butcher.

    • Not a chance in hell HP…I had two kids in Durban…one in January and one in February!!!!

  8. I’m with you, Granny, give me cool settings. It’s easy and less revealing to put clothes on. Guess I was fortunate to visit Cape Town at the end of October (2009). The weather was just like our spring in my part of Canada. Having two springs in one year was just fine by me.

    • Good Morning Souldipper….spring all year round would suit me down to the ground!!!

  9. The heat is killing me too Gran! loving the cool weather of the past 2 days..

    • I am with you Jem…today wasn’t too bad..hope it is cool tomorrow…I have shopping to do!

  10. Highest score so far was 201 000 – not good enough – and yes, the competitive spirit is in there somewhere ! Trying to avoid playing until I have some time off otherwise get to bed too late.

    • I’m on 228000…you are almost there…granddaughter is over 300000…cow!!!

  11. I love how Brits and now you say “on holiday”. It’s so darn cute. We say that we’re “on vacation” but holiday is way more charming.
    It’s officially winter here and it’s summer there. I still can’t quite get over that. Guess I don’t get out much.

    • I know what you mean Blogbrarian…it is nine pm here and the sweat is dripping off me!!!

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