Posted by: granny1947 | December 20, 2010

Peaceful Granny

Good Morning All.

So….we went to the flea market.
Do you see one happy face there?
Enough said.
I bought one packet of plums.
An hour walking around and one packet of plums.
Never again.

This crowd were walking around playing their music.
I guess it added to the festive feeling.
For some.
I wasn’t one of them.

I need to get to the carwash soon.
This morning I stopped to fill the car and check tyres etc.
The attendant felt so sorry for the car he washed ALL the windows…even the side mirrors.

They are forecasting 50km gales today.
At six this morning there wasn’t a breath of wind.
Absolutely stunning.

So there are five days to Xmas.
Including today.
I have seven grandchildren.
Number of gifts purchased?
Should I start to panic?

Have a wonderful day everyone.



  1. Hey – where is that flea market??? Simon’s Town?
    No it can’t be – the angle of the mountain is wrong – and you would have posted a pic of the harbour.
    So where is it?
    Have you gone to the one in Edgemead yet? You will walk away with more than just a bag of plums – I promise. As a matter of fact – you can get stuff for all the grandbabies there.
    But its frigging far for you!
    Do you detect the manic behaviour in my typing? I’m stressed beyond belief. I can’t find a present for my parents and have been everywhere! If this continues I’m going to buy them a bloody notebook and eat jam and bread for the whole of next year. *sob*

    • It’s at Muizenberg, Lynda, just before the Strandfontein road.

    • I feel your pain Frog….am not too stressed yet…will stress out on Friday when I have STILL not bought anything!

  2. Meagre shopping this year, only bought for the dort, the step and O Spouse; really arbitrary gifts. I’m not feeling festive at all.
    Don’t bother with the carwash if the wind’s coming up.
    Enjoy the week, relax!

    • Morning Cindy…have to fetch some friends in the car next week…will wait until then to have the car done…Jasmine will just mess it up if I do it now.

  3. No, don’t panic, granny. I find kids love to get money these days. I gave my nephew R100 for his birthday, and he almost hugged me to death. I can’t stand flea markets any more. i must be getting old ;-> Hugs xx

    • Hello AD….I might have enjoyed it more if I had felt like spending….but you are right…I don’t find them fun anymore either.

  4. Thank God! I’m in the right blog. I am so blase about Christmas…it’s been hard to conjure festive feelings around any of the gifts I’ve managed to spy and buy. Trouble with going to more than one home at Christmas – more goodies needed to fatten hips and buttocks.

    Think I’ll watch a movie and see if the Guides will wrap the goodies.

    *Leaves wrapping paper by the prezzies along with a token bottle of Holy Spiritus Blanco* (They’ll have to drink out of the bottle. They can be a throng.)

    • Good morning Souldipper…let me know if the guides oblige…I hate wrapping pressies!

  5. Pressie wrapping is fun, a large glass of something spiritous to help things along, two cats who like things that rustle and shiny string even more. Ahhhh, show me anyone who can’t just laugh through it all.

    • Ok…you’ve got me Sidey…THAT would be fun!

  6. Hi Granny, I went to the mall here this morning to get Dad’s gift to Mom. It took me 35 minutes to get off the highway offramp, into the parking area of the mall and another 20 minutes to find a parking space. I am seriously not amused. Any people who pop up that I didn’t get a pressie for are going to get an IOU.

    • Am feeling exactly the same way MTM…rapidly losing all interest!

  7. I still have to get something for my Marmee, but after spending a solid 4 hours at the dentist this morning with hubby having to have an emergency root canal procedure, the shopping can wait until tomorrow morning when the shops open again.
    I’d offer to be your official pressie wrapper if we lived closer together; I love wrapping gifts 🙂

    • Thank you for the offer…you strange girl!

  8. Ack! No gifts purchased?! That would throw me into a tizzy. I admire your cool approach to life’s stresses Gran! I’m totally stressed over my parents’ visit for Christmas through 1/6. The gifts they bring? Criticism, irritability, demands, criticism and…oh, did I mention CRITICISM??!! I’m already looking forward to January 7.

    • Hi RD…I am working my way towards a tizzy…but slowly!!

  9. u r the gift! mushy answer i know but true. in that truth, of course PANIC! 🙂 lovely photots

    • Hi Sana…thank you for the visit…panic on the way!

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