Posted by: granny1947 | December 19, 2010

Granny’s weekend

Good Morning Everybody.

A strange walk this morning.
Not a mountain to be seen.
Thick mist everywhere.
I predict another scorcher of a day.

I didn’t win the lottery last night.
I forgot to buy a ticket!!!!

Technology is wonderful.
I got a friend request on FB yesterday.
From someone who used to live next door to me about seven years ago.
She moved to Johannesburg and I was sorry to lose contact with her.
My word…a lot has happened in her life.
She has remarried and is living in Australia.
I got a LONG message from her this morning.
I am so chuffed to be back in touch with her.

Now we are off to the flea market.
The last market before Xmas.
I should have idiot tattooed on my forehead!!!

Have a great day all.


  1. I just love social media and the reconnections that happen, glad you found your friend.
    Enjoy the market, have a boerie roll on me 🙂

    • Hi Cindy…I had a boerie roll…and I sweated…a lot!

  2. You’ve gone to an X-Mas Market? Are you mad woman? In a moment of insanity I went yesterday and I nearly died from irritability and blood pressure.
    Hope at least you got something interesting or great or cool or pretty or handsome???? (Hope he has a brother!)

    • I bought a packet of plums!!!!

  3. Rather you than me at the market today. I cursed every step of the way in the 5 plus hours we were at the mall yesterday 😦

  4. Love the fog foto!! Tonight, I’m hearing the fog horns of our ferry system. While respectful of their role in safety, I enjoy the beautifully haunting and sad feeling their sound elicits.

    Face Book brings me more photos of family than I would ever have seen if it did not exist. Not that this Aunt really needs to see some of the more graphic ones…

    • Hehehe Souldipper…your family put on graphic pics? How interesting!

  5. Christmas is over for us, we celebrated with the kids yesterday, so I’m all done and usted! 🙂

    • Morning Supa…you lucky thing…what an excellent idea…get it all done and over before the day…why didn’t I think of that?

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