Posted by: granny1947 | December 17, 2010

Granny’s public holiday

Good Morning to anyone who is still around.
Guess who is still at work?
Mind you, it is blissfully peaceful.
No Xmas carols blaring.
Just me.
And I quite like me so that is cool.

At lunchtime I am meeting an old family friend for coffee.
Well, she is old and a friend of my first husband’s family.
She is a sweet old bird who never stops talking so I will just have to sit there and nod now and again.

Talking about friends, I went to meet a woman, I haven’t seen for a couple of years,yesterday.
We arranged to meet at a massive mall in Claremont.
I don’t know whose bright idea that was.
Think it might have been mine.
What a mistake.
Big mall…public holiday…just before Xmas.
A recipe for a nightmare.

I couldn’t find parking even though I tried to be positive.
Eventually I decided to try the parkade.
The ramp went round and round and round.
Up and up and up.
At one stage I considered I might have taken a wrong turn and was going to end up on top of Table Mountain.

I found a parking spot and,after asking directions, found the restuarant.
I was 30 minutes early so I ordered a cup of coffee.
It arrived.
I should have taken a pic.
Half a cup.
Thought about asking the waiter where the other half was but bit my tongue.
It was also lukewarm.
Three mouthfuls and it was gone.

Then I settled down to people watch.
Strange how the people I am watching seem to find this disconcerting.
Must be the granny look.

Now I need to go to the ladies.
I think there is something alive in my jeans.
Besides me.

Before I go(whatever it is is not biting me…yet)…Jasmine found this piece of kelp this morning.
It must have been a very special piece.
She carried it the full lenth of the beach.
Rushed around the dunes lloking for a perfect spot to bury it.
Got into the car with it.
She made the most amazing chirping,gurgling sound all the way home.
When I get home tonight I will find she has dug a hole somewhere in the garden.
Dumb dog.


  1. Do you have to be at work all day, shame?
    I thought you were talking about having thrush … little bird in your pants?

    • Oh my word Cindy…and I would tell WordPress all about it??????????????????????????????????

  2. Great pic of Jasmine. She look very proud. How very inconvenient to have some horrid bitey thing in your pants. Hope you killed it dead. Enjoy the lunch. Hugs xx

    • Oh Dear AD…I never found it…it could still be lurking!!!

  3. Im also still at work, granny. So not in the mood to be here anymore.

    • Hello Baglady…when do you finish? I think I will be working Monday and Tuesday too…it’s not too bad,though.

  4. I LOVE the picture of Jasmine and her kelp buddy! LOL She SO sweet! I don’t know what’s up with these places giving half cups of coffee and tea lately, but they’re doing it there too. DH always says “I’ll take the other half now too”. I always cringe wondering what else they’re giving him in there…..

    • Hello RD…I am going to say the same thing next time they do that to me…good on DH.

  5. What a riot, Granny…who else would tell us about some foreign cootie crawling around indiscriminately?? And speaking of that, Jasmine had me in stitches. I can imagine there was some distinct odour about the “thing” that she hauled home. Yummm…hors d’oeuvres.

    • Hi Souldipper…never did find the creepy crawlie…it must have left the building!

  6. That isn’t kelp, Granny. It’s Labrador Sushi. (Does that weak joke make any sense in South Africa?)

    • Yes, Bud, unfortunately it makes a lot of sense in this country!

  7. Its not Kelp – its the Missing Link and Jasmine found it! YOU’RE RICH!

    (I think I read too many books…)

    • Oh hell Frog..does that mean I have to dig up the garden to find it????

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