Posted by: granny1947 | December 14, 2010

Granny looks back

Sideview’s Challenge on looking back.

All in all this has been a good year for me.
DIL took me to a luxury spa for the weekend.
The Spa weekend from hell.
My first post….Tortured Granny…tells you all about it.
It wasn’t all hell…we had a lot of good belly laughs.

Number seven was born.
I was present for the birth.
An awesome experience.

My daughter got married.
I would have preferred it if she had got married and THEN had the baby.
What the hell….she is happy…that is all that matters.

Hellkom went overboard with their 2010 competition.
Gave me FOUR great prizes.
Am still waiting for the car.

The receiver of revenue caught up with me.
This was NOT one of my highlights.

My younger daughter and I stopped talking.
This was also NOT one of my highlights.
On second thoughts.
Maybe it was.
Life is more peaceful.

I was showered with love.
From all my friends.
And some of my family.

I enjoyed hundreds of walks on my beloved beach.
So did Jasmine.

So…all in all….a really good year.
But then….life is what you make it.



  1. Indeed it is, hope for all the good to be repeated in 2011 and none of the bad.

    • Thanks Cindy…it was mostly good…one can’t ask for much more than that!

  2. Hehehe, I loved your posts about the Spa!
    Here’s hoping the good is trebled in the new year and the bad falls by the wayside completely.

    • Hi HP…I loved writing about it…such fun.

  3. I hope the goodness of your days lasts for all the years to come. I would think having that sort of gorgeous view right nearby, will certainly help. Happy Holidays Granny.

    • Hi Joann…thank you love…you are so right…that view just soothes the soul on a daily basis!

  4. Amazing, this blogging world…as you went over each event, even though we’ve never met and I’ve no idea what you even look like, your events were familiar. Plus, I knew the ending – as my best friend says, NDND – Nobody Dead, Nobody Dying. 🙂

    • Morning Souldipper…think I might just send you a photo so you know who you are talking to!

  5. Sounds like there definitely were more positive than negative things in your life this year – what more can anyone ask for? I hope 2011 is filled with good things for you and you see no more Receiver of Revenue types!!

    • Thanks RD….the same to you love.

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