Posted by: granny1947 | December 13, 2010

Granny is winding down

Good Morning All.
The last official Monday for me for this year.
If I have to come in next week I will be the only one in my store.
No Xmas carols.
What joy.

Above is the promised picture of Tandy.
Now you guys can see why I stick to landscapes.

The latest photo of Number Seven.
He has turned into the Dough Boy.
Or Billy Bunter.
For those who are old enough to remember him.
Jeez…he weighs a ton.
It is no wonder my daughter is so slim and trim.
She is doing gym all day long.
His 17 year old brother was the same.
At four I could not pick him up at all.
He is now tall and skinny.
There is light at the end of the tunnel for this little man.

A lovely walk this morning.
I was down at half past five.
You have to get there early to beat the wind in this place.

Have a brilliant day everyone.



  1. Please don’t ever take a picture of me.
    Enjoy the winding down week, thought I’d get to walk with you, but it ain’t gonna happen until Feb.

    • Ag no Cindy….am so disappointed!
      There are MUCH better photos on FB thanks to Colleen!

  2. How Number Seven has grown!
    We started our day off with coffee on the beach watching the sun rise before shooting back home to get ready for going out. An absolute scorcher of a day; all four animals are sprawled out in different spots trying to keep cool.

    • Hello HP…a howling gale blowing here so it isn’t hot…rather you than me…poor babies wearing fur coats!!!

  3. Oh Granny, Number Seven is ADORABLE!!! I just want to pinch those cute little cheeks of his! It seems so funny to see people at an outdoor affair in lightweight clothing when we’re expecting snow flurries tonight and 20 degree weather tomorrow!

    • Talk about great minds RD…I just got back from commenting on your post and here you are!!!

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