Posted by: granny1947 | December 11, 2010

Granny has an awesome Saturday

Good Evening All.

So…it has been a busy and eventful day.
I set off this morning to a wine farm near Stellenbosch.
For what we call, in South Africa, a MOB.(meeting of bloggers)
More of that in a minute.
First the trip.

The road to Stellenbosch runs along next to False Bay.
Right next to the beach.
There was a howling gale off the sea.
Blowing tons of sea sand onto the tarmac.
At one stage I couldn’t even see the road.
My little pop up toaster was bouncing all over the place.
It was scary.

I arrived at the venue far too early.
This didn’t worry me at all.
I can people watch for ages.
The restuarant is called the duck pond.
You can see some of the ducks in the picture.
I might show you the “pond”

Seven ducks walked passed me in a line.
They then returned and settled down  nearby.
They stared at me.
I stared at them.
They won.
Did you know ducks don’t blink?

Then the bloggers started arriving.
First it was Tandy and her husband.
A lovely lady who has an intolerance to sugar.
If she eats it she loses weight!!!
That must be every woman’s dream.
Though Tandy might not think so.

Then Supagran arrived with Himself.
And another myth bit the dust.
She does NOT have a zimmer.
And there was  nary a knitting needle in sight.
What a great lady.
I am SO pleased to have,finally, met her.

With her was JustMe and her hubby.
A lovely young couple.
But she didn’t have a hipflask hidden on her person.
Very disappointing!

Last but not least there was Browniegirl with Brownieboy.
I have known them for ages and love them to bits so it was lovely seeing the two of them

JustMe and Supa.

I will post a picture of Tandy tomorrow.
For some reason I didn’t get one of Browniegirl.
I don’t do pictures of people too well.
I get caught up in the conversations and forget I have a camera.

There was a lot of laughter.
That is what I call a good day.
If your ears were burning we were gossiping about YOU!!!

On the way home I stopped to take this picture of the Kalk Bay harbour.

Have a lovely evening all.

Oh yes…I forgot to tell you.
Guess what Tandy had for lunch?
Roast duck.
I felt like apologising to my new friends.



  1. So glad that was a lovely day. and yup,. Supa is a wonderful person

    • Hi Sidey…think we will have to start a Supa fan club!

  2. Lovely post. I saw you taking that photo of Kalk Bay Harbour….hehe…so enjoyed connecting with you again. Thank you so much for my “diamonds” 🙂 Love you xxx

    • Morning Sweetheart….just a little something to remind you of me…love you too.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day indeed, and isn’t Supa the best!

    • Hello HP…she is just great.

  4. Some of the people I love most in the world, all together at one table. What a treat. xxx

    • Morning Cindy….just a pity you couldn’t be there too…you had better make a plan to come down to the foodie thing that Colleen is doing…Supa is going to come down too!

  5. it was an awesome day! sorry about the duck NOT! I am putting my angel into my car – I like being watched and cared for while driving. That photo of Kalk Bay is awesome – the wind blew so much here last night that it set my car alarm off 🙂

    • Hi There Tandy….maybe the angel set off the alarm????

  6. How lovely to have such a great time together. I was also shocked when I met Supa. She’s so vibrant and lots of fun. Himself looks very fetching too, judging by the pics I’ve seen. Hugs xx

    • Hello AD…he is very fetching but don’t tell him…we don’t want him to get a swollen head!

  7. How come I wasn’t invited to your MOB? Do you discriminate against male bloggers? US Bloggers? I had a free ticket on American Airlines. It’s just as well. I can see it now, me telling my wife, “I’m flying to South Africa to a Meeting of Bloggers.” She says, “Are they women?” Hmmm. Not gonna work.

    • Now wouldn’t that have been great Bud?
      Of course your wife would have to come too.
      Some of my best friends are male bloggers…hehehe.
      Actually, I became friendly with an American on ICQ…he came over and visited for six weeks….it was great…what a honey…sadly he passed away last year.

  8. I’m behind, granny, but I loved this post. What a marvelous opportunity. And thanks for the dramatic ocean scene. I truly love lots of action – as long as I’m safely ensconced on land!

    • Me too Souldipper….love rough seas but have huge respect.

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