Posted by: granny1947 | December 10, 2010

Much poorer Granny

Good Morning All.

So…I went to the hairdresser.
In an upmarket centre not far from work.
I didn’t ask what they charge.
They were VERY expensive.
More than I have ever paid for a haircut.
The warning signs were there.
A beautifully appointed salon.
A ten minute head massage from heaven.
A tray with tea etc.
No other customers.
I am happy with the cut but if I had known the price I would have had it done MUCH shorter.
To get my money’s worth!

My elder son is down for a month.
He will be here for Xmas.
I don’t know why I am happy about that.
He does not believe in birthdays and Xmas.
It will be like having the Grinch there.
Still…I have a soft spot for the bugger.

And now to do some work.



  1. I want a pic of the haircut!!!

    • Hi cindy…you must be crazy girl…you know how I hate the camera!!

  2. I can only imagine what it cost, granny. Hope it lasts. Your elder son doesn’t sound as though he’ll be the life and soul of the party ;-> Have a great weekend. xx

    • Hello AD…nope…sure he won’t be but he adores the six year old so doubt he will actually spoil it for her.

  3. I’m sure the cut was worth it though?

    Argh, I have hubby’s brother here over Christmas and New Year who also doesn’t celebrate anything 😦

    • Oh Dear HP…I will think of you while I am trying to keep the spirit going!

  4. I think you deserved all that pampering! Maybe next year you can tell Mex to give you a trip to that salon as a birthday gift so you can enjoy guilt-free pampering! 🙂

  5. gift sounds great

    comeon girl let’s see it

    • Gift Sidey???
      What have I missed ?
      I have a gift?

  6. YOu can send the Grinch here. I do Grinch very well.

    • Hi Madmom…he is on his way!!!!
      By the way…he snores…very loudly!

  7. You make me laugh!!

    I also don’t celebrate birthdays or Christmas so I sympathise with your son – this time of year is a trial…. 🙂

    • Hello Linda…you would have had great fun today…chantelle was talking about your biscuits!

  8. Fess up, Granny – you’re scared that if you put a photo on the internet, you would be hounded by Glamour magazine to appear the cover of it’s Granny of the Year edition.

    • Darn Souldipper…you REALLY don’t know me!!!I am so shy!

  9. Oh Granny, I have had that same experience. The hairdresser advertised a colour special of R250 and when it came to me paying it was R350 – “because the special is actually for short hair ma’am”. I was livid and kicked up such a scene that they eventually gave me the R100 off.

    • Good for you MTM…I am such a whimp!!!

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