Posted by: granny1947 | December 8, 2010

Granny and that damned dog.

Good Morning All.

Another wonderful Cape Town day.
You have to love Cape Town.
Magnificent scenery.
Table Mountain.
False Bay.
Cheap hitmen.

So I got back to the car after our walk this morning.
I park near the house of a friend.
Who has rented her house out for two years.
At a massive rental.
But I digress.

I look around and Jasmine is nowhere to be seen.
Not a problem.
I get in the car and start the engine.
This,normally, gets her galloping to the car.
No Jasmine.
I can hear a dog barking but thought it was from the house next door.
I look up and there she is.
On the OTHER side of a high security gate.
Frantically trying to tell me not to leave.
Consternation written all over her furry face.

I lock the car again and start walking down the side of the property back towards the beach.
There are two gates in the wall.
She meets me at both but they are locked.
I carry on towards the sea and she suddenly appears from the dunes.
How the hell she managed to jump their front wall is a mystery.

I have a feeling she went INTO the house.
The patio doors were open for their dogs.
I wonder if someone got a very rude awakening this morning.
A big brown dog licking your face will do that.
I talk from experience.

Have  a wonderful day you lot.



  1. I’m wondering if Jasmine could be trained to loot homes, maybe a little baggie tied at her chest and she could drop valuables into it and make a speedy exit?
    Could be a plan if the Lotto doesn’t pan out …


    • Morning Cin…eeeek…the lottery…I haven’t checked my tickets!

  2. Jasmine is certainly a character! 🙂

  3. I wonder if she has been getting tips from my Collie Clan?

    Yes, being licked awake by an unknown dog could well be rather disconcerting!

    • Hi There Col…and we should know!!!

  4. I still think I have been honoured to walk on your beach with you and Jasmine 😉

    She IS special (as are you)

    • Awww Sidey…what a lovely thing to say..thank you.

  5. Oh Granny, your heart must have been in your mouth! Way to bark some solid orders, Jazzie!

    • Morning Souldipper…I wish I had taken a picture of her…another lost photo opportunity!

  6. LOL This was a really funny post – though probably not from your perspective! I could just picture these people suddenly finding an unknown dog in their home – they’re lucky she’s such a sweety! Glad you got your baby back!

    • Good Morning RD…I was never worried that she was lost…she is such a baby…never strays too far from me but the look on her face was classic.

  7. Oh my hat! Poor Jasmine – she’ll be traumatised now! 🙂 Beautiful pics as usual – really look forward to them – soothe my soul.

    • Morning Wolf….well one thing is for sure…this morning she didn’t attempt to go visiting!

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