Posted by: granny1947 | December 7, 2010

Granny goes back

Good Morning Everyone.

So…I get down to the beach this morning and it is perfect.
No wind.
No clouds.
The sea looked like a lake.
I got down to the water’s edge and out of nowhere the movie Deliverance popped into my mind.
Younger friends probably won’t have seen it.
I saw it when I was in my teens.
I will never forget when that arm suddenly came out of the water.
I wet myself!

I got to wondering what I would do if an arm suddenly appeared in the water this morning.
Other than have a heart attack.
I wouldn’t wade in to shake it’s hand.
I don’t do dead things.
When my canary died I had to get someone else to take it out the cage.
When my poodle got killed I had to call my next door neighbour to pick up his body.
After all these years what on earth made that dreadful movie come to mind?

When I got down to the beach there was only Jasmine and me there.
When I turned to walk back there were loads of people.
Well…about fifteen.
People walking their dogs.
The drug squad.
And a couple of joggers.
One jogger stopped to pat Jasmine.
Give her a bit of a love.
Big mistake.
If you acknowledge Jasmine she immediately assumes you are her new best friend.
Wants to kiss your cheek.
He had to KEEP on loving her just to calm her down.

I don’t understand joggers.
We are not designed to jog.
We are designed to say “fluck..there is a lion”…quick sprint and up a tree.
Hammering your body by pounding along just makes no sense to me.
They tell me it releases feel good hormones into your body.
Yeah right.
Chocolate does the same.

Now…back to the grindstone.



  1. I remember that arm, granny. Jumped out of my skin almost. Lovely pics again. It’s raining and cool here. Hugs xx

    • Hi AD…I wonder how many people remember that movie…showing our age here!

  2. Jog schmog … wine schine 🙂
    Also wouldn’t do the arm, was bad enough doing the dead bird on Friday.
    Love you much. xxx

    • Ooooooooo…you are so brave Cindy…
      Love you too.

  3. I had a real Deliverance moment when I was out running along the river near our house (yes, I used to be a runner, back when I weighed fifty pounds less and I was 20 years younger. now a bike ride has to suffice). Anyway, as I was running, I noticed what looked like a man lying face down in the shallows. It was someone who had slipped upstream and drowned. Very disturbing.

    It was a very creepy movie. Ruined banjo music for me forever.

    • Oy Vey Bud…what a dreadful experience.
      Hehehe…I had forgotten about the banjo music…it all comes back…not sure if I want it to!~

  4. Morning!

    • Hello Supa…am so excited!

  5. i also believe that you should only jog when going to the shop to collect more chocolate

  6. I’m with Sidey…

    Have heard of deliverance, but not seen it, although I don’t do arms that just float in the water…eek!

    • Good Morning MTM…it didn’t float…it sort of shot out of the water and I shot under the seat!

  7. I’ll take dark chocolate over jogging any day! I can get plenty of exercise raising my arm from the chocolate to my mouth…up, down, up, down – there, plenty of “feel good” endorphins! LOL

    • You know then RD…I don’t do self inflicted pain!

  8. EEk! I’ve been listening to Kenny Rogers being interviewed. He just finished saying, “I grew up in a family that sounded like Deliverance. Everyone played the banjo.” I too thought of that terrible river ride and all the scary stuff. So weird finding you talking about it, Granny!!

    Every opinion I hear these days about healthy exercise is walk, walk, walk. We’re built for it in every way. But you’re 100% re exceptional circumstances – fluckin’ lions or fluckin’ grizzly bears. 🙂

    • Now that IS weird Souldipper…and I wasn’t listening to the interview!
      I wonder which I would prefer…a grizzly or a lion?

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