Posted by: granny1947 | December 5, 2010

Granny and the airport

Good Morning All.
Still yesterday pics.
Have not dragged myself down to the beach yet.
Don’t tell anyone…I am still in my nightshirt.

So …yesterday was interesting.
Maybe not quite the word I am looking for.
At three o’clock I got a call from my friend.
She flew in on Friday night.
She does homecare in England.
Unfortunately, her luggage did not fly in with her.
She needed to fetch it at the airport.
They don’t have a car.
Which makes it a bit difficult.
She lives half an hour from me.
The airport is another half an hour from her house.
I thought…”not too bad, two and a half hours”
Not so.
I would love to get my hands on the guy who designed Cape Town International airport.
He needs a lesson in commonsense.
It had to have been a man!

We walked for frigging miles.
When we,eventually, got to where we had to be we were told we would have to come back in an hour.
Another flight had just landed and all the staff were busy seeing to those passengers.
The guy saw the look on our faces and relented.
Told us to come back in  half an hour.
We decided to have coffee.
Where were all the eating establishments?
All the way back where we had just come from.
We had our coffee and then trudged all the way back to Int.arrivals where we got her luggage.
Amazingly, in one piece.
There was more fun and games in the parkade but to cut a long story short…I got home at seven o’clock.
Where I learned that South Africa lost to the Barbarians.
And no-one had thought to start supper.
I don’t know which annoyed me more.

And now to get dressed and take Jamine for her walk.
I don’t like the look in her eyes!



  1. Going to the Airport Sucks!!

    • Hi Rob…please let us know how it is going with your niece…strongs love.

  2. I don’t ‘do’ airports. I dislike them because the drive there is normally awful (why do they put them in the most difficult spot to get to?) and the parking is hell.

    • I agree Madmom…the parking was actually fine and then airport was very quiet….just so badly set out.

  3. Horrible drive, I hate it. They didn’t have supper ready when you got home???
    ps: Avoid Boyes Drive today.

    • Morning Cindy…was must we avoid Boyes Drive??Kalk Bay is one way right HAS to use Boyes Drive!

  4. They delivered my missing luggage when I got back from the UK!!! Our airport is situated in the worst area!
    Thinking of joining WP BTW – haven’t been to LD for ages. Seems a hostile place now.

    • Hi 40…come on over…lovely here.

    • Come on over 40 Something, it’s a much friendlier place.

      • Yes 40S, come over – on this side of the world, people are really nice 🙂 Oh, it’s me, Say What from LD. I’ve been here for a couple of months and I’m not sorry I made the switch.

  5. I was surprised to find Cape Town airport so badly planned when it’s so much smaller than our old airport. Definitely was a man who drew up those plans 🙂

    • Hi HP…yes..cannot figure out why they only have ONE entrance for everything!!!

  6. Last Christmas I managed to get into the wrong lane, had to go into the parking, then couldn’t find a pay station, and all because I got a teeny bit lost! R25 later I finally got on the road back to where I was staying.

    They do believe that before and after sitting for hours on a plane, that you should have a great deal of healthy exercise at the airport 😉

    • Hi Sidey…I have also done that but I created such a stink about their atrocious signage they let me out for nothing!

      • Well done,. they were quite put out when I drove to the checkout point and said as they tricked me in and I had 2 small girls sleeping in the back, I cpuldn’t just park and go looking for a ticket machine. So I had to pull over, go to a little office at the exit and pay. Of course by then the children were awake.

  7. Hi Granny, sorry I’m only popping in now, but I haven’t been here in BlogLand much, as you have read. On the CPT airport comment – Mom and I went there once to fetch Dad from arriving on an international flight. I drove around the place three times before I found the right turning to park. Dreadful place, but…much better than OR Tambo Airport.

    • Hello MTM….been there, done that….not THREE times but I did have to drive around once…hate the place.

  8. I live in that stoopid airport – I don’t even see the distances anymore. Methinks I’m sleepwalking my way through it every time. But if I have to compare airports and come up with the worst one… KENYA!

    • I love Nairobi airport. Where else can you boil, have people walk up and down telling you where to go (and in the old days fleecing you $US 10 for airport taxes – cash every time) and then have to identify your luggage on the way to the plane.

      And you can’t get ANYTHING to drink for love or money, so if you forget to take a bottle of water from the hotel you are like a dried out sponge byu the time you board.

      • Hi Sidey…I think the worst airport I ever went to El De Sol…don’t think our planes even land there anymore.

    • Hi Frog…don’t use the vending machine near the loos…you will see my packet of wine gums lying there!!!

  9. Granny, I would have walked into the house at 7 pm and said, “Oh, you sweetheart! What a surprise. You’re taking me out for dinner!”

    • Hehehe Souldipper…how to start a war in one easy lesson…what annoyed me was the 16 year old sitting at my pc playing games…never crossed her mind to peel the potatoes for me…humpffff

  10. I don’t want to be a narc or anything, but when I found out I was being investigated by the W.P.PL (Worshipped Pet Protection League) for the two days last week my cats went without canned cat food…I discovered that Jasmine has reported you every single time you’ve been unable to take her for her walk, even when it was the weather’s fault! No wonder you didn’t like that look in her eyes, she was probably getting her paw ready to dial that number and file another report!
    I was told you reap what you sow, but now that I’ve sown three horribly pampered attitude filled cats…I’m SCARED,Granny!

    • Shhhhhhhhh Morgue…don’t tell anyone but she didn’t get to go this morning either…an absolute gale blowing…will have to make it up to her!
      Don’t talk about cats!!! Will post about my feline later!

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