Posted by: granny1947 | December 4, 2010

Granny wants to know

Ok you lot…you needn’t check.
You ARE on my blog.
I need to know what this plant is.
Are the berries edible?
They look delicious.
I can’t find anyone, I don’t like, to try one for me.
I know NOTHING about plants.
If they are doing well, they are probably weeds.
We have been in this house for three years.
It has a tiny garden.
Original Cin and Sideview can vouch for this.
This is the first time I have noticed the following tree does this.

I have no idea what tree this is.
What I DO know is that it looks like instant allergy material.
The bees seem to love it.
It could explain Mex’s constant sneezing.
And my headaches.
Though my headaches could be housework allergy related.

16 year old and I took Jasmine down to the beach.
A bit overcast but no wind.
I then took the woman ,who has had to sell her car, to the mall to do some shopping.
While there I HAD to go into the secondhand bookshop.
Found a Ruth Rendall book.
My reading matter is piling up.
Roll on the holidays.

And now….because it wouldn’t be my post without one….a sea shot.
AND because it annoys my stalkers!

Oh what the hell….it is the weekend…one more for luck.

I don’t know what the birds are either.
Come to think of it…there is quite a lot I don’t know.

Have a great weekend you lot.


  1. i would have said the berry plant is a raspberry, but the top berries are black. we used to have them all as kids. they are becoming fashionable again, thank goodness.

    the tree looks like an australian cherry, red biggish berries in autumn?

    love the pics, and toughies to the stalkers

    • Good heavens Sidey…have only just noticed that the whole thing has turned white!!!

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOH!!! I think they are blackberries granny….I am SO excited!!!! I also want to grow them…and raspberries…maybe its a booysenberry. Take it to Imhoff nursery and ask Lukie to identify it for you. He is very good with that…Let me know….Im planning what we can make with them HAHAHA!!! You lucky fish! Love you xx

    • I will do that Colleen…make you can take a cutting? It grows away all by istelf…never do anything to it.
      Love you too girl!

  3. Give one of the berries to the obnoxious kid next door! *makes rude gesture at the stalkers*

    • Lol Supa…now THERE is a thought!

      • then she may think you like her?

      • Oh I doubt that very much Sidey!!!

  4. Sorry I was so excited about those berries I didn’t look further at the next photo. That is a Eugenia or Australian Brush Cherry Tree. The fruit is edible..sort of like a tartish flavour……I have made lovely jam with them before…beautiful sea pix….xxx

    • You are SURE about this Colleen…am going to taste one!

      • i don’t like the aussie cherris=es. granny don’t touch them until they are good and RED, unripe fruit is nasty

      • There are black ones Sidey…I think those are ripe!

  5. Sorry, no clue, granny. I love your beach pics. Keep them coming. have a great weeknd. Hugs xx

    • Morning AD….thank you love….you have a great weekend too!

  6. I wouldn’t have the faintest notion of the plants. Great beach and sea photos. I’d say drown the stalkers and trolls, but they’d probably float.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    • you know what else floats?

      • Sidey!!! Toilet humour!!!

    • Evening HP…have never been stalked before…am enjoying it no end!

  7. Love your pics:)

    • Too late now Tandy…will try to remember in the morning!

    • Hi Hope…thank you love.

  8. maybe you need to take a close up so we can see the berries? or take a cutting to the nursery 🙂

  9. Good luck with those berries, Granny. This year we had an amazing abundance of mushrooms – ones I’ve never seen before. Some of them look so lethal it’s obvious to stay away from them, but berries can be deceiving.

    I like the advice of taking it to the nursery.

    • Oy Souldipper…I would NEVER experiment with mushrooms….you could go on a trip without leaving!

  10. Colleen seems to know what she’s talking about, so did you taste the berries?
    You have a stalker? What have I missed?
    Nice pics.
    Love you xxx

    • Morning Cindy…not yet…Saturday turned hectic…will post about it later.

  11. The birds may be Black Guillemots. Did they have red feet and have white flashes under their wings?
    Your beach pictures make my day, love it when they pop into my mail box every day.

    • Morning Rob…I have no idea what other markings they had…remember…I am the unobservant one….couldn’t miss the red beaks though.
      The wind is trying to come up here…what is it like on your side?

      • Red beaks…mmm… Plover comes mind… not a fundi tho… just love birds.
        Weather has turned out great, slops, shorts and off comes the pullover.
        Gonna have a lekker snoek braai for the vrystaters this afternoon.
        have a good day.
        could be a black african oyster catcher.

      • Hello Again Rob…think it is an oyster catcher….snoek braai…yummmmmmm

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